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Latest Scoops

Future’s ‘BEASTMODE 2’ debuts at No. 3 as Drake’s ‘Scorpion’ spends second week at No. 1 https://t.co/fRfBqJm9kn
6 notable takeaways from the 2018 Emmy nominations, including Donald Glover and Chance the Rapper. https://t.co/ueUQsUGRax
Young Thug teases Chance the Rapper track for 'Slime Language.' https://t.co/AqgXtTYeYo
✨ @tydollasign shines on @myfabolouslife's new song "Ohh Yea." https://t.co/V1txxGRByn
Pastelle was supposed to be Kanye West’s grand entrance into the fashion world. So, why didn’t it ever come out?

Here's the untold story: https://t.co/bzmA2ixKRI
Travis Scott assembles supergroup of artists and producers in Hawaii to finish 'AstroWorld.' https://t.co/3OIRmJQ0Ei
Azealia Banks blasts crew of 'Wild 'N Out' for making her cry. https://t.co/LVnbARMs0A
We have Drake's Mom to thank for DJ Paul's "Talk Up" production. https://t.co/IYnShuYQmf
Kanye West is heading to Chicago this month to work on new Chance the Rapper album. https://t.co/L7EEqrohg4
Drake's reaction to this lollipop magic trick is priceless 😂😂 https://t.co/X9QQgEOyK5
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