The whole Carter family made an appearance in @Beyonce 's new special #MakingTheGift  ?

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Sylvester Stallone's mother Jackie passes away at the age of 98

“The V.A. has leaned in hard to the Housing First principle & has seen huge reductions. Taking a page from what the V.A. has done, we can solve chronic homelessness by fully funding permanent supportive housing.” @MKushel 

Sharon Osbourne forced to quarantine at home after her three-year-old granddaughter gets coronavirus #TheTalk 

Rochelle Humes 'wants her baby now' after 'super fast lockdown pregnancy'

Weaving some nice Earth Wind and Fire wisdom going into the open today. Good thing the weather cooperated. @TomMackenzieTV  taking and running with a slew of bad news to the bell.

Eastern Conference Finals. Bulls in 6.