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So the bounties story really is that Dems paid bounties to journos to kill the Trump campaign?

Today is going to be an insane day.

I hate the video of the nice bobcat being thrown!!

The year is 2033. President Tucker Carlson is sworn in with 4 of the 13 seats on the Supreme Court held open by co-Majority Leaders Diamond and Silk. GOP set to control 9/13 scotus seats.

Two tiny terriers chase very large bear out of California home via @SFGate 

John Elway is still the all time greatest quarterback in NFL history


Ted Cruz just went beastmode shredding Hunter Biden and Joe and the journos went bonkers!!! LMAOOOOO

AMAZING video of @SenTedCruz  calling out Dem Dark Money and completely destroying @SenWhitehouse 

It took a while, but finally humans became dumb enough to teach robots how to use guns

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Trump got the most nonwhite support of any Republican running for president since 1960. He really sucks at being a racist.

Dems (for the last four years): Russia rigged the election Dems (for the last four days): Elections can’t be rigged