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Mustafa Kazemi

Director of Police Organizational Communications — Ministry of Interior Affairs | رئیس ارتباطات سازمانی وزارت امور داخله | Views & RTs strictly personal.

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Sharifullah Chamtoo, police commander of Badghis province was attacked by Savage Taliban terrorists today in Kabul and lost his life. We wish heavens for him and patience for his family. May the soul of this hero rest in eternal peace.

Operation Razaq is being conducted by the best infantry troops from all three branches and has full aerial support of the Afghan Air Force in terms of precision airstrikes and logical facilitation like transportation et al.

"Everybody is hostile until they're solidly proven otherwise." Someone during Benghazi disaster.

This is pure psyops by the Pakistan military intel. This is effective tradecraft. Our govt can facilitate factories to produce these domestically so that foreign intelligence agencies are blocked from sending messages & addresses using fucking matchstick box or detergent powders.

“Take advantage of it now, while you are young, and suffer all you can, because these things don't last your whole life.” Love in the Time of Cholera Gabriel García Márquez


Happy Holi to all my Indian fellas. You guys and your country and your traditions are amazingly beautiful. From Kabul With Love.

I can say with confidence that the strike carried by Indian Air Force Mirage 1000 jets in less than an hour was far more effective against terrorism than what Pakistan did in the past decade. Thank you and thank you India. Jai Hind!

This is inaccurate Mr. Gandhi. Doval was liaison between Taliban & your govt. His authority when others would make decision was to pitch his suggestion only. As also mentioned, at that time, Nat'l Security Adviser was Brajesh Mishra. Even Kejriwal knows this.

BREAKING -- 10th journalist getting killed today in Afghanistan. Ahmad Shah Angar, a BBC reporter in eastern Khost province was assassinated by unknown gunmen around an hour ago.

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This child had lost his right leg (ATK) to a landmine in central Logar province but one of the Orthopaedic Units of the Int'l Committee of the Red Cross () gave him a prosthetic leg. Here he's seen dancing for the happiness of being able to walk again. (Video: Facebook)

Is Facebook spying on our personal lives? I got introduced to somebody at a cafe 2 days ago — didnt type their name on my phone ever, didnt search for their profile — & now Facebook suggests to me to add them. Only reasonable question is, what the fuck is going on there?