Mustafa Kazemi

Mustafa Kazemi

Director of Police Organizational Communications — Ministry of Interior Affairs | رئیس ارتباطات سازمانی وزارت امور داخله | Views & RTs strictly personal.

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We survived the rocket attack on Kabul. Took my 2 months old daughter, marched my wife to kitchen and tucked my baby in my arms with the fridge. 10 mins of agonizing chances taken. When each rocket was fired, I’d say “no god please no not today my daughter is still a baby.”

“Taliban have conducted 53 suicide bombing attacks and 1,250 roadside IED bombings which have resulted in the death of 1,210 civilians & injuries of 2,500 other civilians. These crimes were avenged in Helmand & Kandahar.” WhatsApp text from @TariqArian3  Interior Ministry spox.

The few lights and bulb you see around are either power produced by diesel/petrol generators or the further disadvantaged people power up their houses by a worn out car battery, charges in the daytime using solar panels.

A Facebook post circulating on Afghan social media since yesterday reads: “This is Afghanistan. Morning, explosion. Noon, suicide bombing. Afternoon, traffic rush. Evening, mobile phones robbery and at night, power outage.”

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Nine soldiers take their own lives amid report exposing 'war crimes' committed by them while deployed to Afghansitan. via @MailOnline 

Following the assassination of Malala Maywand, a female TV anchor in J’bad city Y’day, today the police confirms that Fardin Amini, a news anchor with Ariana Television has lost his life in an incident that the police say was a “suicide by slashing his throat using a sharp rock.”


Happy Holi to all my Indian fellas. You guys and your country and your traditions are amazingly beautiful. From Kabul With Love.

I can say with confidence that the strike carried by Indian Air Force Mirage 1000 jets in less than an hour was far more effective against terrorism than what Pakistan did in the past decade. Thank you and thank you India. Jai Hind!

This is inaccurate Mr. Gandhi. Doval was liaison between Taliban & your govt. His authority when others would make decision was to pitch his suggestion only. As also mentioned, at that time, Nat'l Security Adviser was Brajesh Mishra. Even Kejriwal knows this.

This is the blood of the 25 sikhs killed and 10 wounded in today's attack in Kabul on a Gurdwara. The fire department was called in to wash away the blood from the floor of the worship place. Watch @WIONews  for an exclusive on this shocking event.

This child had lost his right leg (ATK) to a landmine in central Logar province but one of the Orthopaedic Units of the Int'l Committee of the Red Cross () gave him a prosthetic leg. Here he's seen dancing for the happiness of being able to walk again. (Video: Facebook)