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“The painter has the Universe in his mind and hands.” ― Leonardo da VinciMeet our very own in-house talent Kaustav Guha who is a painter, artist and musician ― creating magic with his hands. Give Kaustav a big shout-out! 🖌🖍🎨 #BeCognizant 

60% of first-round #PPPloan  issuance came from banks with under $10B in assets — a lifeline for small businesses during #COVID19 . More here on how to work during Phase 2: #paycheckprotection 

A key success measure in #healthcare  is patient satisfaction — and #AI-driven  insights help pinpointing problem areas to do just that. More here:

Today’s shifts require orgs to reimagine the way they build software — requiring resiliency and adaptability. These 3 imperatives help explain. #softwareengineering  #COVID19 

Happier customers, better margins – see how we can help you use #insurtech  to improve CSAT scores up to 56%. #insuranceCX 

As we power through the #NewNormal , here are 4 ways you need to help associates feel to keep teams motivated, says our Chief People Officer Becky Schmitt. Associates need to: 1. Feel welcome 2. Feel included 3. Feel valued 4. Feel connected #inclusion  #COVID19 

Trends like #workfromhome , #cloud , and #AI-based  solutions are critical for business growth and survival — find out why. #COVID19 

If #healthcare  orgs use analytics and #AI  to find #data  patterns — they’ll uncover emergent outbreaks, for early intervention and point-of-care decisions.

Consumers own their #healthcare  data and need to have on-demand access to it: 3 ways payers can embrace this opportunity.

High loan volumes, technical challenges and manual processing were significant problems for the first phase of #PaycheckProtectionProgram  loans — here’re the second phase’s considerations. #COVID19  #PPPloan 


The Cognizant U.S. Foundation will address the #tech  skills gap — focusing on educating and preparing a wide of Americans for the #digital  era. #STEM 

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Businesses will look for employees who can collaborate with #AI  and #robotics . Are you teaching those skills now to power the #FutureofWork ? #education 

We’re not just reimagining companies — but, entire industries. #digital  #digitaltransformationt #techransformation

10% of global GDP will be driven by #blockchain  by 2027. Here's our take on how industries are adapting.

Integration done the modern way drives faster digital transformation at your core. Learn more. #CoreModernization 

#AI will change 75% of jobs. We're helping our clients use #machinelearning  to re-imagine and redefine their #FutureofWork  #Know18 

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The fact is, cognitive systems are better suited than humans to make complex, real-time decisions — call after call and day after day. #AI  #analytics 

Cognizant celebrates 20 years as a -listed company — here’s an overview of the company’s history since its IPO [INFOGRAPHIC] #digital 

Discover the 21 jobs of the future that are emerging — one day, you may be doing one of them. #FutureOfWork  #AI  #LeadingInDigital