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David Cochrane

Senior Reporter for @cbcthenational and @cbcpolitics in Ottawa. Homesick Newfoundlander.

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@MikeConnors  @DavidMaherNLThere  is a broad agreement on sharing cabinet posts across party lines. Those specifics aren't there. The Liberals need to see what happen with the rules and process to replace Ball, who might run, who might win. That could change things drastically. 2/x

@MikeConnors  @DavidMaherNLThere  is a sense that the endless cycle of patronage controversies, the House of Assembly bullying scandal, the Gerry Byrne versus the world controversies have crippled the house's ability to do meaningful work 3/x

@MikeConnors  @DavidMaherNLBut  this would be a very fragile coalition going to Judy Foote to say they have lost confidence in the current government in part because of the hiring of Carla Foote. Which is peak #nlpoli4 /x

@MikeConnors  @DavidMaherNLThe  argument, as I understand it, would be to avoid an election. When provincial legislation already says there has to be an election within a year of a new premier being selected. So the deliberations of the Liberal executive over their leadership process will affect this. 5/x

@MikeConnors  @DavidMaherNLTo  clarify, there would only need to be an election within a year of Ball's replacement being picked if it comes from the same party. I don't think that law applies to a coalition replacing a minority. The hypothetical coalition would govern as long as it could survive.

Crosbie premier. Coffin deputy premier. That's the idea floated to make this work.

I've been gone 3.5 years. At times it feels like 35 years.

province went nuts when Grimes served out mandate as an "un-elected premier" Imagine how this would fly!

ideally they finalize this at Smitty's


The phrase "the final 10 shots" really stands out when only one person was armed.

Trump says live on CNN that CNN has stopped covering him live because they don't like him. He says this live on CNN.

Homes in the outer battery on Signal Hill in downtown St. John’s being evacuated after heavy snows caused an avalanche that burst into a home. #nlwx 

Off the top of my head, I'm fairly sure there was a worse chancellor.

We are two weeks away from vibranium tariffs BBC News - US government lists fictional nation Wakanda as trade partner

PM @JustinTrudeau 's office sends letter to @foxnews  urging them to retract/correct a #QuebecShooting  tweet

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I asked Trudeau twice if there were more than three incidents that he wore black face. He didn’t answer.

New from me. Legal pot by Canada Day next year. Liberals to announce marijuana will be legal by July 1, 2018

This is remarkable. Eerie recording reveals moment the guns fell silent at the end of WW1