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This New Year, let out your inner sparkle.
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This New Year, let out your inner sparkle.


So roll up your sleeves and go for it. Take that risk, even when it’s scary. As women, we’re often raised to be the conscientious planners—but a plan without action is just a dream. Let’s make this week an action-packed one. #TuesdayThoughts
First of all, this is not new.
Second of all, retailers should officially join the sharing economy and rent out clothes for this purpose.
it’s here (!) / introducing our extra-special collab with new zealand-based designer @karenwalker. check it out and shop the denim, dresses and cat-eye shades of your dreams right now. https://t.co/jy6AxnH1az #madewellxkarenwalker
Are you a student aged 15-19 interested in developing new design skills? | Help transform a local primary school's playground at this year's #SummerArchitectureSchool with @EdibleSE16 from 20-25 August. Find out more https://t.co/ogmbBUh61i #DMRecommends
New Hollywood Trend! DOVE® Chocolate has added a new flavor to their delicious sorbet line - DOVE® Mango Sorbet with Dark Chocolate, available at your local grocery. Now you can enjoy this summer treat just like the stars! @Dove_Chocolate#sponsored
Say hello to the all-new addition to your health + wellness essentials - #Probiotics10 by @isotonix!
Offers 10 of the most studied probiotic strains, utilizes the unique benefits of each to synergistically support a healthy balance from the inside out! #Isotonix
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