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The official account of Coach, a modern American luxury brand celebrating 75 years of craftsmanship and New York style. #Coach75.

Latest Scoops

Surrealistic Signature. @sarashakeel thinks far-out with rainbow-bright patterns. #CoachNY
Giving new meaning to floral embroidery, UK-born textile artist Sophie King sews modern-day messages onto unexpected canvases like rose leaves. #CoachNY
Signature gives you wings. Australian artist Karen Lynch (@KarenLynch10) combines digital photography with hand-cut paper to create vibrant, dreamlike collages. #CoachNY
Blow the whistle. With digital as the medium and her body as the canvas, ex-art student Gab Bois puts Signature where her mouth is. #CoachNY
Drip, drip. CB Hoyo keeps Signature simple with a black-and-white palette. #CoachNY
Getting graphic with Tokyo-based @IVIOTTY's fantastical take on our most recognizable house pattern. #CoachNY
Keeping it surreal, Brooklyn-based visual artist @witchoria taps into the digital realm to reflect her penchant for existentialism. #CoachNY
Satire meets Signature. Copenhagen-based @JohanDeckmann uses his platform to blend the power of language with art and therapy. #CoachNY
Where something old becomes something new. Reimagined from the Coach Horse and Carriage, the former bares many other names in Freddie Smithson's three-part Signature series. #CoachNY
Sink your teeth into Signature. Inspired by the color, texture and flavor of ingredients, @ArtintheEats proves there's an art to playing with food. #CoachNY
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