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I am truly dismayed by how many in MSM got worked—yet again—by conservative claims that one video exonerated these kids. I've watched them all. None put them in a better light, unless you're really reaching. Some are a lot WORSE than original.
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LOOK AT THIS AMAZING DOG ON MY FLIGHT. His name is Harvey and he has a squeaky penguin and I love him. Cc @darth @dog_rates
You’ve spent enough energy on the past; that’s not taking you anywhere. Kiss the disappointment goodbye. You can’t embrace the new things God has in store as long as you’re holding on to the old.
You don’t have time to get distracted by all the negative chatter. There’s always going to be someone that doesn’t like you. Tune it out and keep moving forward.
A thousand times I've failed, still Your mercy remains.
Protect me, God, when I take refuge in you - Psalm 16:1
Selfishness is weakness. But loving and caring for others is a position of power beyond anything we can possibly imagine.
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