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First illo in a story Milo is writing about murals...and murder 😍👻🖋
When we got him six months ago he came with the name Cabbage, b/c the rescue probably thought he was part Brussels Griffon (evidently, no). We don’t really know how old he is, but picked today as his birthday. #HappyStPatricksDay
Yes buy out tickets and bail and lobby to get rid of balancing the books on the back of the poor https://t.co/yaKLJh9qxz
Do you ever think about what you'd support if you were really really rich? I think I'd:
Buy a regional newspaper or two
Fund programs in low income schools
A big ass plot of forest to a conservation group.
Two more things. H/t t @rachelsklaro , a tireless supporter @DonorsChooseof campaigns. And in @salesforceSF, is matching a lot of campaigns. You can tell a lot about big companies by what/whether they support.
WE DID IT. Thanks to Tina, Tara, Rachel and a bunch of anonymous donors, this project is funded. But pick another project or tell me about one you've given to and I'll keep RTing them. Thanks everybody! 😍🙌
Here's the school. Some of the best murals in the Mission. Look at those kids. Open your wallets.
Thanks to Elizabeth, Kate, Scott, Diedre, and anon from MA, we only have $312 to go. Come on, folks do good and feel good about it. A Trump remedy.
Or pick a school in your own city, and, if you want, let me know which one and how you gave and I'll RT it: https://t.co/qIgF8TSoe9
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