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Soon we’ll be hiding
-Central American toddlers
-and now @McFaul
in our attics?
what kind of fucking psychopaths would stalk teenage victims of a mass shooting. oh right
“This was the most stunning moment in US foreign policy history that did not involve an actual war or coup or act of violence. @DavidCornDC” @realDonaldTrumpon ’s meeting with Puthttps://t.co/uvJKkCI2BPin:
Why does iTunes put true crime stories in their News and Politics bucket? cc @jonlovett
Anyway we now have 10 podcast episodes out. They're really, really good. If you like please share and review wherever you get your podcasts. Thanks!
And @markfollman dives into all the acts of terror committed by white supremacists that the White House is ignoring https://t.co/iI4wkXZFgX
Then, while you're at it, listen to the previous episode wher @wesenzinnae a @jamilahkingnd talk about the movement trying to reform violent white supremacists. Here's the cover stohttps://t.co/2IEui95S02ry:
Here's a little taste or @Revdrbarber and an embed: https://t.co/5vv5yXW70F
Listen, if you're feeling low, and how could you not, I highly encourage you to listen to this @MoJoPodcast episode where @AriBerman talks to the @RevDrBarber. You'll come out feeling hopeful and fired up. (And then @DavidCornDC can scare you about Trump. https://t.co/ForoopVoQ3
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