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twitter should figure out a way to mute, or only ingest, #sportstweets
Reminder that, with maybe very few exceptions over time, newspaper columnists should be term limited.
On brand for today's GOP, I guess.
This is the next big fight------>>>>> https://t.co/B7G6bJ96vi
one of my coworkers just said that "life is an infinite Monday these days" and that is so true it hurts.
If you like these kinds of stories, subscribe to the podcast, rate and review us. A simple way to support non-profit journalismhttps://t.co/9y8ORrW6OL:
2/ And what it takes to organize on Tribal lands: https://t.co/7peHydSMWd
1/ In this week's @MoJoPodcast, @timothypmurphy breaks down some unique organizing happening in the Southwest. First, the awesome clout of the Vegas Culinary Union: https://t.co/Fpjxb8TjBH
.@PopSci has a great piece on the environmental issues at stake in this election in every state. Well worth a read: https://t.co/oeYVI7aZm4
California used to have the best public schools in the nation. Now we're like 2nd from bottom. This could be a small step toward improving equitable funding. https://t.co/QN0IfL6YNU
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