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How many years will Hannity et al at Fox focus their shows on Clinton? One more? Three more? Infinity more?
I swear nobody who works there uses this thing.
You know how I would decide to expand a thread? TO SEE AT LEAST ONE MORE TWEET IN THE THREAD.
Seriously that fountain is a trash, needle and shit filled eyesore that wastes phenomenal amounts of water when on (rarely) and was commentary on freeways that came down 30 years ago. buh-bye
@sama Nobody has put you under house arrest. Nobody has banned your works or censored you in any way. And if that happens, it won't be at the hands of those you're lashing out as. You've just been made to feel a tiny bit ill at ease.
Also nobody is torturing you.
Dear @sama: Tech CEOs might get less harsh reaction to their musings if they really tried to fix the problems—housing, inequality, Russian bots, white supremacists—they prompted or enabled: https://t.co/oSDBuCqGLi
He's sad about firing a millionaire who asked his aides to have sex/have his child with them. Yeah, that's the job loss to worry about.
Forget the gilded age comparisons. What's happening is a new oligarchy, Moscow style. https://t.co/vfIW6ZB96A
Paul Ryan's not going to wait around to deal with the deficit mess he's handing us.
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