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8 CDC Health Tips for a Safe and Healthy Holiday | CDC Online Newsroom | CDC via @CDCgov 

Israel launches air strikes in Syria, Damascus says two killed

Former U.K. Hong Kong Consulate Staffer Says He Was Tortured In Mainland China

Former Mayor Of Baltimore Indicted In Alleged Children's Book Fraud Scheme

'Beautiful Day' Director On Mister Rogers' 'Radical Notion': Telling Kids The Truth

Elon Musk Says Putting AI Chip in Your Brain Will Be as Simple as Lasik

GM sues Fiat Chrysler, alleging union bribery scheme cost it billions


Killer infection at Hong Kong's doorstep as city fights superbug war via @SCMPNews 

Max Boot says "a vote for the GOP in November is also a vote for egregious obstruction of justice." via @HuffPost 

#HR4HR TWEET HASHTAG | T-Mobile to donate $2,00 to hurricane victims. Ci

Trump's war with America's traditional allies has produced one big victor: Russia via @HuffPostPol 

Sanders: 'If you don't have the guts to face your constituents,' you shouldn't be in Congress

Volcano three-quarters blown away by Indonesia tsunami eruption

Friendly Fire Killed Sheriff's Sergeant At Thousand Oaks, Calif., Shooting Scene

Medical marijuana is now legal in Utah after some last-minute changes to a voter-approved ballot via @HuffPost 

Journalist arrested after trying to question at Tom Price and Kellyanne Conway via @HuffPostMedia