God Bless

Remember to give thanks 2day to all the farm families & workers along the food supply chain who help put food on our tables every day of the yr. God Bless America’s bounty & the farmers +laborers so others don’t go hungry. HAPPY THANKSGIVING

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God Bless

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January 20, 2021 will mark a new chance to heal, rebuild, and strengthen our democracy we all cherish. And fulfilling the promise of this moment will require each of us doing our part—together.

IMO it’s important for Biden to set the right tone here and fire the guy immediately — no delays, no process, no lawyers, nothing. Just: This is bullshit, if you show up for work on January 21 you’ll be arrested for trespassing.

Call me old fashioned, but unity does not mean letting the instigators of an attempted coup off the hook.

@SecPompeo : "We've urged countries to become CLEAN COUNTRIES so that their citizens' private information doesn't end up in the hand of the Chinese Communist Party." Learn more about the Clean Network at

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President Trump has been impeached for encouraging and inciting an insurrection. The Senate must follow through with its job to hold him accountable by acting quickly to remove him & bar him from future office.

According to documents obtained by Axios, Powell and her crew advised Trump that a foreign conspiracy to steal the election involved a coordinated cyberwarfare attack from China, Russia, Iran, Iraq and North Korea.

Finding common ground and tempering the fringe in the wake of the Capitol insurrection is not so simple. @mehdirhasan  asks, “How do you talk to people whose central animating motive for violence is completely bonkers?” #velshi 

Congress targets Centre over Covid jabs. Watch this report #ITVideo  #RE 

(1/2) Trump's estranged niece, Dr. @MaryLTrump  says her uncle “only wants people around him who are going to tell him what he wants to hear…the fact that it’s down to Rudy Giuliani & the MyPillow guy tells us everything we need to know about the quality of people left.” #velshi