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Setup for tonight’s gig. Pretty cool!

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Come work with me! @downtownstlouis  has three job opportunities. Check them out here:

These TV announcers on the #Mizzou  game are terrible.

Announcer refer to Mizzou’s “old pillars.” C’mon, man! #MIZ 

A great win for Mizzou. Lots of opportunities to fold, but they refused to do so. #MIZ !


BREAKING: Josh Hawley calls on Greitens to resign, says the evidence in report is "impeachable." Wow.

Our reporter @Mike_Faulk  was just now released from jail, more than 13 hours after his arrest downtown. That's a long time for processing.

ICYMI: Progressive mega-donor George Soros bigfoots into Missouri ballot fight over redistricting, ethics, using tactics many consider unethical, via via

BREAKING: Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner says she has reached an agreement with Greitens' lawyers over criminal charges.. meaning this resignation is tied to a legal settlement. DEVELOPING...

The portrait of @EricGreitens  painted by the woman is of a controlling, jealous, sometimes violent lover:

Confirmed: P-D photographer with ID and cameras pepper-sprayed in face by officer on I-70 in midst of protest. #Ferguson 

McCulloch: Altercation occurred with Wilson inside vehicle. Two shots fired. Brown ran. Wilson chased. #Ferguson 

@clairecmc  joins the call for @MariaChappelleN  to resign after publicly wishing @realDonaldTrump  would be assassinated.

5 were tortured as traitors. 9 died from wounds or hardships in the war. 2 lost sons and 2 had sons captured. At least a dozen had homes pillaged and burned. So when signers of the Declaration of Independence pledged "our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor," they meant it.