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Literally the hardest part of making bacon is not eating all the bacon the instant you make it.

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On this day in 2009, the Magic eliminated Cleveland in the ECF. It was the closest we ever got to a Kobe vs. LeBron NBA Finals matchup

Malcolm Brogdon, Lil Yachty and Justin Anderson joined Jaylen Brown in Atlanta to protest. Brogdon: "I got a grandfather who marched next to Dr. King in the 60's and he was amazing. He would be proud to see us all here. We have to keep pushing forward." (via @FCHWPO )

Listen to Fanie Lou Hamer’s passion, the hurt as she explains. “PLEASE LISTEN”

Who gets to arrest the officers acting out during these protests?!?

You're either on the side of what's right, or what's wrong..

No passive prayers tomorrow, pastors. No weak calls for reconciliation, White church leaders. Jesus is for justice. God is Love. Preach like it! Followers of Christ should be helping to lead the eradication of racism and the dismantling of White supremacy. Preach about it!

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I still believe... “We shall overcome.” Watch. Listen. Share. Believe. Work.

India’s rigged stock market crash benefits China and Chidambaram - The Sunday Guardian Live