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@Obscurica  I’d argue the reverse. If the military really wants your private spaceship, they’re gonna come take it (and NASA is a civilian branch), but having a whole bunch of different actors fighting over a new exploitable frontier ALWAYS leads to conflict.

Transportation is the glue that connects a nation/society. It happened with roads in Rome, with boats in Britain, with railways and later highways in the US. If we become a spacefaring society, the underlying foundation of transportation MUST be publicly owned.

Noticed on my run that a previously unflagged house in the neighborhood is now flying a “dOnT tReAd On Me” banner. Not surprisingly, it’s reeeeaaalll close to the former Trump flag house, and the same area that’s been holding block parties during the pandemic.

When you have a tiny grill and too many cluckers. Behold. The Great Wall Of Chicken.

I’m old enough to remember when the @nfl  blacklisted Colin Kaepernick for taking a knee to protest police brutality.

I wasn’t expecting to see the drone riots for another 20-30 years :/

Fucking my heart to everyone involved in these absolutely necessary protests. Please stay safe.


@jblumenfeld100  Like I’ve been saying, fascism doesn’t just appear overnight. It’s a lot of little steps that all of a sudden accelerate quite quickly.


SOMEONE CALL IN THE NATIONAL GUARD TO PROTECT OUR- oh, that was after the World Series in San Francisco.

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Like, if you can’t deal with staying at home for a year or so and wearing protective gear to go outside, I got some real bad news for you about Mars

"THE LIBTARDS ARE TOO SENSITIVE!!" <clutches pearls at Starbucks cups> <faints at booing> <literally dies at "Happy Holidays">

MOBILIZE THE MILITARY WE NEED- oh, that was in Seattle after the Super Bowl.

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I remember back when being a bigoted neo-Nazi was enough to get you shunned from society without having to also endorse pedophilia.

Republicans might be more believable on abortion if they weren't also stripping every social safety net that helps that child thrive.

Just a reminder for everyone - there is no “antifa” organization. “Antifa” simply means “anti-fascist.” You may disagree with certain antifa tactics (most likely black bloc tactics), but being against “antifa” means you are, by definition, for fascism.

The fact that we cannot overwhelmingly repudiate a fascist is a terrifying sign for any student of history.

For people saying "But we don't know what Trump is going to do!" You know what he's going to do. You just don't want to admit what that is.

LOOK AT THOSE GODDAMNED THU- oh, that was in Huntington Beach after a surf competition.

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