Chris Murphy

Don’t let the headlines or the day to day up and down drama of legislating impact your advocacy. When it comes to enacting climate legislation, failure is not an option. Keep fighting.

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Let me ask again: Why isn't the media reporting that oil companies chose to raise prices rather than increase supplies?

On a rainy post-Thanksgiving Friday, I was inspired by Coats for Kids at the Cathedral of St. Joseph in Hartford. Thanks to the Knights of Columbus for the heartwarming gifts to kids who’ll be warmer this winter.

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This week’s column: COVID gave us as the chance for a 'life-changing' economic experiment, but we've turned our…

Biden’s inflation crisis continues to be a cruel tax on the American people. 

How much are this year’s I’m a Celebrity contestants being paid?

Judicial Watch obtained White House travel records from the Secret Service in response to FOIA requests for all records concerning the use of U.S. Govt funds to provide security and/or any other services to President Biden/any companions. READ:

Corporations are exploiting the pandemic to gouge consumers with higher prices on everyday essentials, from milk to gasoline. American families shouldn’t be bankrolling corporate America’s record-high profits.

Bridget Archer in SMH: “I wasn’t invited into the meeting necessarily to enquire about my welfare. I was invited to explain my actions.” The nation is rudderless in the face of growing storm

Using a quote cited by Politifact, from September 2020, a good example of candidate Joe Biden seeking to undercut confidence in vaccine as long as Trump was president.

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Next week, the Supreme Court will hear oral arguments on Mississippi’s dangerous abortion ban—one that is harmful and cruel to patients. This is a direct challenge to #RoeVWade , so we’ve got to keep speaking out & fighting to protect the right to abortion.