February / Trump

The WHO had produced 1.4 million tests by the end of February. We took none of them, because Trump decided to produce his own test, then botched the development and roll out. It wasn't the WHO that put us in the position we are today. It was our own President.

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February / Trump

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Now he is setting up a second photo, arranging Barr, O'Brien and other aides at his sides. Already on his way back to the WH.

CHILLING: "As we speak, I am dispatching thousands & thousands of heavily armed soldiers, military personnel & law enforcement officers to stop the rioting, looting, vandalism, assaults & the wanton destruction of property." —TRUMP, on D.C. clampdown.

Many in the media fell for the calculated & deliberate tactics of professional agitators. They knew the street needed to be cleared before 7pm curfew. But they deliberately stayed to trigger police action & get the story they wanted, that “police attacked peaceful protestors.”

The president did not go inside the boarded up church and is on the move again.

They fired rubber bullets and tear gas and deployed mounted police against a peaceful protest to open a path for a photo op.

President Trump declares himself the "law and order" president as peaceful protesters are dispersed

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Donald Trump just tear-gassed peaceful protesters for a photo op.

...And @GovPritzker  immed comes on @CNN  after St. john’s photo op to claim Trump can’t unilaterally send military to states — and to call the president “a miserable failure”