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Los Angeles Times reporter covering 2016 campaign. Previously focused on Jerry Brown and climate change. Former statehouse reporter at The Star-Ledger.

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It’s up to the jury now. Has Paul Manafort been lying to the IRS and banks for years? Or has Rick Gates been lying to the jury? https://t.co/dJ14iorplF
We're done for the day at Paul Manafort's trial. Jurors will return tomorrow morning to begin deliberations.
And if you're wondering, Ellis sided with the prosecution on the issue at hand during this conversation.
"If you read the newspapers," Ellis told prosecutor Greg Andres, "they win everything [referring to the defense] and you lose everything."

In case you're just tuning in, Ellis has gained notice for being tough on the prosecution in this case.
Closing arguments are over. If you were wondering whether Judge Ellis reads his clips, that was settled during a conversation with the lawyers about a technical issue.
The president is using the powers of his office to target one of his critics. @EliStokols has the story. https://t.co/xNoRzvPm9p
Congratulations to @melmason for being included on @Capitol_Weekly's Top 100 list. Few reporters have had such a dramatic and important impact on Sacramento.
Prosecution’s closing argument is over, although Greg Andres reserved some time for a rebuttal. The defense begins at 1:30, after a lunch break.
New from the Paul Manafort trial — He’s not testifying and the defense is not presenting any evidence. The lawyers will debate jury instructions this afternoon and closing arguments are expected to start tomorrow morning.
If you’re still up, flip on @MSNBC and I’ll be talking about the Paul Manafort trial in a few minutes
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