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Los Angeles Times reporter covering 2016 campaign. Previously focused on Jerry Brown and climate change. Former statehouse reporter at The Star-Ledger.

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A quiet night in the rotunda
Hey California, keep an eye out for Fusion GPS research
Want to read a transcript from another interview with Glenn Simpson of Fusion GPS? It was just released by House Intelligence. https://t.co/hPssdsv4rs
I’ve been talking to Republicans who have been reading a confidential House Intelligence memo on FISA issues. They call the document alarming. But not all of them want to make it public.
If In Touch had an on-the-record interview with Stormy Daniels in 2011, why are they only publishing it now? https://t.co/m8voHbeck2
The story from last night -- the White House sparks bipartisan anger by directing Steve Bannon to not answer some questions in Russia probe https://t.co/bevArDj0bS
The latest from today's day-long hearing -- White House and House Intelligence Committee clash over testimony by former Trump aide Stephen Bannon https://t.co/bevArDj0bS
Bannon confirmed to the House Intelligence Committee today that he received a subpoena from special counsel Robert Mueller, according to a source
Rep. Schiff, the committee's top Democrat, was frustrated tonight.

But perhaps more significantly, so was Rep. Conaway, the top Republican on the Russia probe.

And Chairman Nunes, who has defended Trump, helped approve subpoena
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