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Los Angeles Times reporter covering 2016 campaign. Previously focused on Jerry Brown and climate change. Former statehouse reporter at The Star-Ledger.

Latest Scoops

“This is not a hopeless situation, " says one Democrat. Can the party really beat Rep. Tom McClintock in one of California's most Republican districtshttps://t.co/slgeOBepww?
“I can’t believe there’s such an outcry now about something everybody knew." A quote about Roy Moore that could have appeared in so many articles this year. https://t.co/aKciwwQsuu
Before leaving for D.C. I spent some time with Democrats trying to turn a deep-red California congressional district blue https://t.co/J9IbSmqoKu
"We're going to work at this story as hard as we can around the clock until we get it, until we get at the truth. And we're going to publish the truth." https://t.co/cNScVgudKP
Subway advertisements in Washington. Silly squirrel, of course those nuts were classified.
President Trump will pick up the tab for his legal fees, lawyer says https://t.co/yxWjyaHEbK
“I’m torn between voting for a pedophile and voting for a person who believes in abortion.” The question on many Alabama Republicans' minds. https://t.co/pj34CewPQW
I've been told money can't buy happiness, but Town & Country suggests $100 million as a good baseline. https://t.co/sGMUubPTop
Senators want more documents from Jared Kushner, including a message about a "Russian backdoor overture" https://t.co/SuQfum4nHA
Jared Kushner forwarded a message about a "Russian backdoor overture and dinner invite" but didn't turn it over to senators, new letter says https://t.co/vNlEQHScgp
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