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From Passover we know that great challenges have been faced and overcome before. And this test will be met as well. Wishing all who are celebrating Passover - however you're able to celebrate - the sustenance provided by great tradition and the strength that comes from love.

There is a monotony to Trump's briefing - predictably again today he --Complains about states/governors --Claims early China travel restrictions --Touts value of an unproven drug --Blames others (W.H.O) --Praises his own actions --Says some form of "we have to get back"

What has to happen to reopen the country? "We have to be on the downside of that slope...we could do it in phases..but it would be nice to do it with a big bang"

My nephew, a teacher, sent me this and it is hilarious. Maybe even true :-)

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Did I REALLY hear a Tiger King question? On a day with a record number of coronavirus deaths? I can't even

Can the WH provide any proof that vote by mail is fraudulent? "I think there's a lot of evidence but we'll provide you with some" and then riffs on a 115 year old voting in CA???

"I'm not a doctor, as you possibly have found out" - Donald Trump

"He didn't really drop out. He's going to keep his delegates and he'd like to get more. That's not dropping out. That's a weird deal going on there" Trump on Bernie Sanders

Trump says "He knows something that you don't know" suggesting something nefarious because Pres Obama hasn't endorsed Joe Biden

A poignant reminder that behind every coronavirus statistic is a human being - and their family and friends.


I spent two and a half years covering the WH. MANY press conferences. Reporters’ microphones were never cut off. But today they were - repeatedly - when tough follow up questions were asked. So obvious.

An MD friend just texted me - livid- that the President suggested drugs to help are available “for immediate delivery”. In fact - the FDA chief points out - chloroquine IS approved as an anti-malarial but needs clinical trials before being used for coronavirus. NOT immediate

Big takeaway from this briefing: Trump is losing patience with social distancing - frustrated waiting to reopen the country - and it could well be that the data that convinced him to extend guidelines for 30 days won't be convincing - to him- any more.

Fascinating - I asked many @SenSanders  supporters about their unions’ concern about Medicare for All. They told me yes, they have good insurance now but what if they lose their jobs? And they have friends and family w/o jobs (NV jobless rate is higher than national average)

Patriots owner Robert Kraft being charged with soliciting prostitution related to what FL police say is a massage parlor where women - who were told they were coming to US for legit jobs - were in fact held as virtual prisoners/sex workers.

Some very good news for NY health care workers: "We now have enough PPE for the foreseeable future" - Cuomo

WARNING: There are concerning reports out of France and Italy of some young people getting seriously ill in ICUs. Dr Birx says it may be because millenials looked at data from China of coronavirus largely impacting older people. EVERYONE must head the guidance -NO large groups

So far, 15 minutes into the briefing that was added late - absolutely no news has been made