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Latest Scoops

Covering his appearance in court today #News4 @nbcwashington :
Federal prosecutors say a lieutenant at U.S. Coast Guard headquarters in D.C. is an extremist who planned large-scale killings of civilians, Democrats and media personalities.
A New Jersey school bus driver crashed a school bus carrying special-needs students into a tree, and had to be revived with Narcan after she allegedly got high on heroin, police say.
Traffic crawls in the snow on 270 North 6 miles to Frederick, MD. We’re covering conditions in upper Montgomery County to Frederick for #News4 @nbcwashington
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#WeatherAlert : The snow started before 5a.m. in parts of Virginia, and is expected to cover all of the D.C. Metro Area by 7a.m. Several inches are expected before milder air begins to change the snow over to a wintry mix.
Doug @dougkammerer called both January and upcoming February storms.
He’s the guy! #News4 @nbcwashington
#BreakingNews Judge rules in case of 15 1/2 year old Will Smith charged as adults with rape in Damascus High JV football sexual assaults. Smith asks to be transferred to Juvenile Court. Judge Steven Salant rules Smith should be tried as juvenile #News4 @nbcwashington
One man was killed another seriously wounded at Trojan Labor a temporary staffing center for construction workers in NE Washington. Police have no motive and no suspect. #News4 @nbcwashington
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DuVal High School football coach Tarrell (Carlos) Lockwood is placed on leave by @pgcps. An investigation is underway into “alleged inappropriate interaction” with a student. There are no criminal charges. It appears to be an internal school investigation. #News4 @nbcwashington
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Fairfax Co Police charge 60 year old Bernard Betts-King with rape. He was a behavioral specialist here at MVLE Community Center in Springfield. A woman with disabilities was sexually assaulted. Her family went to police when they discovered she’s pregnant. #News4 @nbcwashington
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Not golf weather so Adam and I hit the slopes. He snowboards. I ski. It’s a generational thing. @scoopgordon @MichaelGordonTV @ChrisGordonNews

The Most Relevant

Former National Guardsman Mohamed Jalloh sentenced in Federal Court after pleading guilty to aiding ISIL. On News4 #NBC4DC
"Love Trumps Hate" protesters outside the White House as President Obama meets with Prez-elect Donald Trump
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12-year-old girl abducted from DCA airport Thursday morning visiting from China.
She's believed to be in a white Infiniti SUV with a woman and man. Virginia police say the child is in extreme danger.
Federal shutdown costs the DC Government $50 thousand dollars a week. The District is picking up trash on the mall and at monuments. DC Deputy Mayor Kevin Donahue says restaurants are losing money without thousands of federal workers who buy lunch daily. #News4 @nbcwashington
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Matthew Robinson is badly burned after Springbrook HS sprayed the wrong disinfectant on football equipment. On News4
Springbrook HIgh Football player burned by equipment sprayed w/disinfectant has season ending injury. News4 at 6
100 Houston Rescue animals arrive in Waldorf, Md. Dogs, cats, rabbits and guinea pigs need to be adopted here in the #DMV.
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The wife of bicyclist Tom Hollowell killed yesterday on Constitution Avenue NW at 12th. Police say the driver ran a red signal at a high rate of speed hitting Hollowell without stopping. Carol Regier says she’d like to ask the driver what was the rush. #News4
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Aram Hamparian shot video of protesters being attacked at Turkish Ambassador's residence in DC. Blames Erdogan's bodyguards
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Complaints about portable toilets at the Lincoln Memorial. Visitors say they are overflowing and disgusting. The public restrooms at the Lincolm Menorial are closed because of the government shutdown. #News4 @nbcwashington
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