Today is my birthday. 49. My gift to myself is to redouble efforts to expose where our govt falls short. We can do better than this form of justice. As a second generation American, as a lawyer and a journalist and a parent - I know this. So do you.

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Everyone has 2016 PTSD and I think there’s still reason to think polls have some systematic problems reaching low-trust voters BUT, right now it’s really hard to come to any conclusion other than Trump is losing badly.

Breaking News: The coronavirus has killed more than one million people worldwide since it emerged, more than influenza, malaria, cholera and measles, combined. The agonizing toll, compiled from official counts, far understates how many have really died.

JUST IN: More than 1 million people have died from the coronavirus worldwide, according to data from Johns Hopkins University

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BREAKING: Grand jury member in Breonna Taylor case says Kentucky AG used "jurors as a shield;" seeks to have transcripts released.

Um, does anyone else have a problem w/tote bags full of absentee ballots being carted off in white vans via a Biden-promoted scheme in Madison, WI, which has received $2M in "election integrity" grants from Obama/Zuckerberg-tied group? Cuz@VickiMcKenna  & I have a problem w/it!

I'm in! Lets do it! A lot of people will benefit from this @TheGoodFightFDN 

BREAKING: Global coronavirus death toll passes one million

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In light of new @nytimes  reporting on Trump's massive debts, remember this: "Eric Trump in 2014: 'We have all the funding we need out of Russia'"

RT if you agree: Presidents should pay more in taxes than they deduct for haircuts.

An Oklahoma man who repeatedly posted the QAnon-linked slogan #SaveOurChildren  on his Facebook page has been charged with murdering his girlfriend’s infant daughter