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Lie. Did 14 days. Then went to my own home. Never in public. Was accosted by trespasser who cursed at wife and kids and has open case for allegedly biting a man’s hand. These are all facts. Beat it.

Covering COVID-19: Perceptions of U.S. Leadership in the Time of Pandemic via @CarnegieEndow 

There will be kids on here who know who this is...and who know this kid should be included. Not now. Covid time. No house parties! But when you get outside...get right with yourselves and get together with him.

We have to check in; offer help; Get help; and realize that illness is illness.. #howdoyoureallyfeelchallenge  there is no mental vs physical health...only health.

Stunned? I listened to my friend. The hurt is not new but all too familiar and his to express as a minority - and the majority must hear it too. I am “stunned” by this cheap assessment that panders to a false narrative abt disconnect.

Reportedly the minnesota officer with knee on neck of #GeorgeFloyd  taken into custody. Imagine if that had happened sooner.


Appreciate all the support but - truth is I should be better than the guys baiting me. This happens all the time these days. Often in front of my family. But there is a lesson: no need to add to the ugliness; I should be better than what I oppose.

Families all over know the reality our family faces: few are one case and done. Sure enough, Cristina has covid now. Kids are still healthy but this shook us at our literal core. All are stepping up. Can't wait to shake this fever so I can help her as she helped me. Sucks.

Charles Blow talks about being assaulted as a child and why he never told anyone for 17 years - and says rushing ford is wrong and that we must take every step to get closer to knowing if kavanaugh is lying because he can not be confirmed if he is

You're feeling pretty good about yourself these days, aren't you @NYGovCuomo  ?

No irony...the onion is much closer to accurate than many outlets. Fully Recovered Chris Cuomo Gradually Realizing Family Never Going To Let Him Out Of Basement

Scott says dems are cheating. Trump says he is right. Both offer no proof. Then law enforcement confirms what seems obvious: there is not only no proof, there is not even a credible allegation of criminal activity. DON’T BE A SUCKER #dbas  #floridarecount 

Thank you for the well-wishing and all the advice. We all need to be careful about what we take right now. A lot of the remedies online are untested and even good ingredients in huge doses can be toxic. Will discuss tonight what is and is not working for me. Again, thanks.

Bs - he said he admitted to helping his son and burisma. And he never did that. And you know it. Be right or be quiet