I was one of the first Senators to engage with @ChrisEvans  & @KassenK  on b @ASPcause  their mission inspired me—to give Americans access to their representatives with the goal of creating a more informed & engaged electorate. Our country needs civic engagement more than ever.

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Records: Trump allies behind rally that ignited Capitol riot By @AP ⁩’s @rplardner ⁩ and @MRSmithAP ⁩

IMO it’s important for Biden to set the right tone here and fire the guy immediately — no delays, no process, no lawyers, nothing. Just: This is bullshit, if you show up for work on January 21 you’ll be arrested for trespassing.

@SecPompeo : "We've urged countries to become CLEAN COUNTRIES so that their citizens' private information doesn't end up in the hand of the Chinese Communist Party." Learn more about the Clean Network at

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The Biden-Harris plan would deliver over $50B to New York It'll help families, small businesses, vaccine distribution, state and local services, and more We must get a plan with this framework passed and expand it to provide direct relief to help restaurants, transit, and more

@TheAmandaGorman  is a brilliant poet and I’m looking forward to hearing her at the Inauguration!

(1/2) Trump's estranged niece, Dr. @MaryLTrump  says her uncle “only wants people around him who are going to tell him what he wants to hear…the fact that it’s down to Rudy Giuliani & the MyPillow guy tells us everything we need to know about the quality of people left.” #velshi 

Listen to my RUMBLE conversation with investigative journalist Jordan Chariton who has been doggedly pursuing the coverup behind the Flint water crime scene. Apple: Spotify: How it started How it's going

Up to one fifth of staff in some care home groups ‘refusing Covid vaccine’

Unforgivably cruel. “Trump” gouged into the back of this gentle, endangered manatee. The person who inflicted this harm must be found & held responsible.