Senator Chris Coons

Senator Chris Coons

Father, husband, U.S. Senator from Delaware

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We must swiftly confirm a leader for @USAID  to harness the international community to confront the COVID-19 pandemic. I look forward to working closely with Ambassador Power, President-elect Biden, and his impressive national security team to deliver strong results.

We are at the worst stage of this pandemic yet. We need to urgently provide another round of relief. Stimulus checks. Rental assistance. Extended unemployment benefits. Support for speeding up vaccinations.

The American people elected Joe Biden because he campaigned on getting COVID-19 under control & delivering needed relief to families. Tonight, he's making that promise real by announcing a bold plan to defeat the virus & restore our economy. My statement:

I just met with @CeciliaERouse , an outstanding nominee to chair the Council of Economic Advisers. Dr. Rouse is uniquely suited to inform policies that build back our economy & do so in a way that prioritizes equity for American families, workers, and small businesses.

I am deeply disturbed by reports coming out of Uganda following yesterday’s general election, including the alleged military invasion of the home of presidential candidate Bobi Wine.

The lengths to which the Museveni regime is willing to go to stifle opposition and silence the voices of the Ugandan people is unacceptable. Ugandan authorities must immediately halt the repression of opposition candidates & their supporters and respect the will of the people.

Congrats to Spc. Jun Cho of @DelawareNG  on taking the oath of citizenship! I'm grateful to have joined @USCIS  and @RepPerlmutter  in making this impromptu naturalization ceremony possible. Please join me in welcoming one of our newest fellow Americans!


I am heartbroken by what I’m witnessing at the Southern border today. I asked this young boy if he has been able to brush his teeth in the American holding facility. He replied: “No.” We are better than this. We have to be better than this.

I’ve been hearing and claiming that ‘collusion is not a crime.’ Well, I took the liberty of reading the U.S. code myself. Here’s what the law actually says:

Republicans have hired an outside attorney to grill Dr. Ford, they’ve scheduled a vote on Judge Kavanaugh for Friday AM (the day after this hearing), and they’re limiting questions to 1 round of 5 min Qs Does that sound like they’re taking this seriously to you? Me neither.

I visited a local USPS distribution center where I found mail-handling equipment like this one, now unserviceable, left outside for days in the rain. This is physical proof of the damage Postmaster DeJoy has caused, and I demand written commitment to reverse these changes.

Does this seem like a legitimate process for vetting someone for a lifetime Supreme Court seat to you? Me neither.

My staff and I found mail sorting machines thrown outside a @USPS  facility in Delaware, soaked from several rain storms, ruined beyond repair. We’ve got video and photos to prove it, too.