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TV personality, Business woman, #DancingLessons author & 2 time #DWTS champ! @QVC line #CeeBee: http://qvc.co/ceebee Follow me on Instagram: @cherylburke

Latest Scoops

I’m dealing with some personal things right now and need to take a break from social media. Thanks for understanding and remember to tell the people who are important to you just how much you love them each and everyday.

Xoxo Cheryl
I first met Aly Raisman in 2013 when she competed on Season 16 of Dancing with the Stars. She… https://t.co/jetwRGg22X
Confession: My Wednesday night is not actually this glamorous. #happyhumpday https://t.co/e2EavP8wPA
How many times do you guys eat out a week? Postmates included!
Currently loving iced matcha lattes to get me through the day. What are your go-to’s?
Check… https://t.co/eEBms4YKWv
New week...new goals. Mine are:
• Up my water intake. • Exercise daily (even when sounds like a terrible idea).
• Eat home cooked meals most of the week. #byepostmates

What are your goals this week?? #mondaymotivation #ceebeeactivewear 🐝
Which film do you guys think should win Best Picture at the #Oscars?!
What do you look forward to most when watching the #Oscars?!
I wish I had a soft serve machine in my house! Who’s with me?!🍦
Well, well, well...look what finally decided to show up.

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