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TV personality, Business woman, #DancingLessons author & 2 time #DWTS champ! @QVC line #CeeBee: http://qvc.co/ceebee Follow me on Instagram: @cherylburke

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Did you guys love #disneynight as much as we did?! #teamchernando
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West coast, who’s watching #Disneynight on @DancingABC? We had the best time dancing tonight! Thank you to all the other amazing dancers & our incredible production team; we couldn’t have done this without you. Love you all! If you liked our dance please vote at 1-800-868-3408!
Gaston!!! I am SO proud of you @juanpablodipace, you and that ponytail we’re amazing! Remember though, scores alone don’t keep us dancing and we need your votes 🙏🏼
1-800-868-3408 and https://t.co/Tzu0EZWNvo ! #teamchernando
It’s show day! Who is excited for @juanpablodipace as Gaston tonight? We dance 2nd and #mickeymouse will be showing off his moves in a special opening number so make sure you tune in right at 8/7c! #DWTS #disneynight
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It’s time! Who is watching #DisneyNight on @dwtsjuniors?!
Look who joined #teamchernando at rehearsal yesterday ❤️ Make sure you catch Brightyn and Mandla tonight on @DWTSJuniors! #DisneyNight
Who else thinks that @juanpablodipace should wear a ponytail every week?! 🙋🏻‍♀️
#dwts #disneynight #beautyandthebeast
How perfect is @juanpablodipace as Gaston?!
#DWTS #Disneyweek #Beautyandbeast
On Wednesdays we wear pink 💕
"Every week you have to start over again. The slate is wiped clean, and everyone starts over. That’s really what happens on this show. Every dance is going to bring new challenges...” Read the rest from @AOLEntertain
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