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Over the last few years, drug discovery has shifted towards increasingly insoluble APIs – in partnership with @Johnson_Matthey , we’ve taken a look at some of the ways researchers are overcoming solubility problems

If you’re going to be at @LABINNOVATIONS  this year, make sure to check out the RSC theatre – we’ve got keynotes from Helen Arney and Andrea Sella, alongside a host of other brilliant speakers! Register for free here:

Author Don Lemons, a retired professor of physics, introduces key concepts of thermodynamics in chronological order of discovery, aiming to contextualise this highly abstract topic for students taught in a typical problems-first approach. #BookReview 

When the CSD started, only a handful of structure entries were submitted electronically. Matt Lightfoot on how innovation in digital workflows has transformed the archiving of chemical structures

NDMA (N-nitrosodimethylamine) contamination issue prompts European Medicines Agency (EMA) to suggest drug companies should make checking more widespread to include many other products

Are you signed up to tomorrow’s webinar? Join us and our partner @MilliporeSigma  to learn how researchers are using Synthia to accelerate drug discovery and identify novel, viable pathways to synthetic targets:

Queen's speech reveals ideas to boost science. First up is a new research agency – and it's got people asking questions

File sorting problem leads to NMR glitch that calls more than 150 papers into question

Hexagonal planar geometry was predicted 100 years ago – now it has been proven


And the 2019 #chemnobel  #Nobelprize  goes to... John B. Goodenough, M. Stanley Whittingham and Akira Yoshino “for the development of lithium-ion batteries.” Follow our live blog:

We’re all familiar with a 2D periodic table, but could a 3D version tell us more about the relationship between elements?

150 years ago today, Dmitri Mendeleev first presented his periodic table to the Russian Chemical Society. We look back on #Mendeleev ’s life and how he came to make his famous discovery #IYPT2019  #OTD 

2019 marks the International Year of the Periodic Table, #IYPT2019 ! We'll be celebrating by periodically publishing periodic table posts. First, Mike Sutton looks back at the man who organised the elements into the table we know today.

You've probably heard of C–H⋯O bonds...but have you heard of June Sutor? She did some pioneering work on these crucial interactions, but has been almost forgotten. Until now.

Frances Arnold is the fifth woman to win the chemistry #NobelPrize  – she spoke to us a few months ago about her love of walking, travel, and learning from nature #ChemNobel 

Two research groups have independently developed catalysts that turn CO2 and hydrogen into gasoline. Read more here.