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I finally got see up close and personal what my dad @PapaRandlicious  has been doing when he goes to Arizona to newhorizondentalcenter , a non-profit dental clinic that provides dental implants to veterans, abuse…

My dad @PapaRandlicious  made a YouTube video for the first time in a whiiiiiiilllleee! I gifted him and Cole a day at Drive a Tank, and they got to do some man shit. It was great for them and my father in law to get to spend some time together 😊

Okay what the heck. She can stop looking so grown up now 😭 she was OBSESSED with these earrings and wanted to wear lipstick this morning. Where’d my baby go?!

Starcasm 😭😭😭😭 this is the sweetest!!!!

Soooo...last night was a DREAM. I’m so proud of the collaboration we have done with itzyritzy ...what an amazing company to be able to work with🥰 thank you for the amazing launch party!! Check out the link in my bio…

LAY LAY CAKES! How are you 11 months?! 😭😭

We’re bringing it in today so we’ll see 😬😬

PRE ORDERS ARE LIIIIIVE FOR THE STROLLER CADDY🖤🖤 go to the link in my bio to get yourself the CUTEST stroller accessory that keeps all your mom things organized 🔥🔥 itzyritzy chelseacole4itzyritzy #momlife  #itzyritzy 

My beautiful girl. She could do this all day 🎣

@A_Plant01  Ok! I’m gonna try to get it figured out and go through all my shit haha so it might be a while BUT I do plan on doing it and I’ll post on here when I do!


.....why did I cry through the entire Kylie Jenner video 😩😭

My ig feed is 99.9% videos of that damn bra thing.

Getting older literally just consists of becoming afraid of everything. When I think back to the shit I did when I was younger........omg. I would literally never do 99% of the things I did back then.

I want to be one of those cute moms that post their amazing, cute, casual outfits on Instagram everyday....but mine would just be leggings and the same sweatshirt 5 days in a row....

I hope teenagers really appreciate their metabolisms. I'm only 25 and I already gain 5lb just from eating a carrot.

If you’re wondering what it’s like to be married and almost husband and I were discussing what we should do this weekend, and one idea was to go check out the new grocery store in town AND IM ACTUALLY EXCITED FOR THAT. Who am I?

You don't stick with somebody because you want it to work, you stick with it because it's working.

It’s amazing how just having a positive attitude can attract so many good things!

My husband and I have a date this weekend, so I think I’m gonna really just slob it out these next couple days so he’s extra wowed when I get ready for our date 😂