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Good morning all!
Good morning all!


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🎄 'Twas the night before the Samrat
🍛 When all through the curry-house
😴 Not a creature was stirring
⚽ Not even @petercrouch!

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📲⚽ https://t.co/DDv4JqnaIM
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😉 So far so good for Guardiola.

⚽️ De Bruyne back amongst the goals.

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Good editors are absolutely invaluable. Shouts to all the real ones out there working behind the scenes to make writers better.
"Nothing good is going to come from getting in their face, calling them out or doing all that stuff."

Connor McDavid is letting his coach do the criticizing when it comes to referees (@SportsnetSpec)

Injury news not all good for Raptors, apparently. While Siakam, VanVleet probable and Powell back, Lowry questionable and now Serge Ibaka (right knee swelling) also questionable. Would mean a lot of Greg Monroe vs. big Pacers.
And it's all well and good that Nick stood up for his star player and I'm sure the guys on the roster appreciate it. And $15K ain't much. But I also guarantee not one single referee will (a) take any notice or (b) change the way he/she thinks in the cauldron of a game.
In my days covering Knicks in the 90's when media had access to that hallway celebs exited from Penny Marshall would always stop & chat while at Knick game-She would look at my ABC mic flag and say: "That's where it all began for me-good luck and success." She was a GREAT person
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