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Good morning all!
Good morning all!


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The one touch pass and the flick of the wrist from @jujhar94. All too good. #EDMvsLAK
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This is an incredible fight. Glad I was lying to myself all those times I said I'd swear off boxing for good.
The Mavericks are doing a terrific job in initiating switches in pick and roll and going to work with their small guards, who are all good off the dribble. It's given the Jazz fits tonight
John Calipari on the Kevin Knox eligibility situation: "That was all the university dealing with it. I wasn't involved in any way. But I felt good about it."
Another Olympics in the books. Thanks to all of our crew @TSN_Sports. The people behind the scene are the backbone. Crushing it morning and night—at ridiculous hours. Thx to @cbcsports + @CBCOlympics for the collab. And, mostly to YOU for tuning in. Hope you had fun.
It's weird that we all pretty much agree this Leafs' team is good but not great and they're on pace to set a franchise record for points.
Good seeing you @nascar today @GitRDoneLarry Thanks for being eye candy today for all the fans… https://t.co/kvXCTR5HOB
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