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Good to see breastfeeding, working moms & motherhood being celebrated during fashion month around the world: https://t.co/qC92KXQQHt
@chick_in_kiev Laughed out loud and I will have to work hard to not think about “a tome, man” while at services with Marc this evening and tomorrow
Congratulations to the 461 schools who made @HealthierGen’s list of America’s #HealthiestSchools! Every child deserves a healthy school and these schools are leading the way - https://t.co/yLWYjxMPv5
Hi Matt- Hope you & your family are having a lovely evening. I am a confirmed Methodist, thank you again for (not) asking. I support a women’s right to determine what is reproductively right for herself & her family, especially on . Blessi#ConstitutionDayngs to you & your family.https://t.co/wJvhyBOlUR
Working with Tyrone was one of my favorite parts of 2016!
Savannah is beautiful. I am so sorry people have said such hateful things to you.
Thank you for elevating this important thread.
The number of anti-choice @twitter users who wish my mother had aborted me is quite something.
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