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Love this! It’s so important that all parents have the opportunity to be with their new babies, and unfortunately far too many don’t. Hope to read more stories about athletes & others being supported to take new parent leave: https://t.co/eUr23H3Jaz
Thanks to the team at @Clover_Health for collecting amazingly (sad) stats on how many have received the #flushot this year. We have work to do! Pls ensure your family and friends have gotten the #flu vaccine to help keep us all safer this winter: https://t.co/gHHEHcx6J7
A strong echo! Thank you for supporting the abolition of the tampon #PinkTax!
@DunlapLibrary @BeschlossDC @jules_writes Thank you for sending this! Honored #StartNow is included. Thanks to your photo, now on the lookout for th @elmoe magic wand chase!
Good news: Nevada voted to abolish the tampon tax, making it the 10th state to do so. Hopeful others will follow in the not so distant future: https://t.co/9XPSDoYhyJ
Sending love and gratitude your way Nelba, today & all days.
Happy Birthday @MsPackyetti! Hope this year is the best yet!
Good news. Hope it’s a permanent postponement: China postpones lifting ban on rhino and tiger parts after outcry https://t.co/aNn18XgIXf
#VaccinesWork only when we vaccinate ourselves & our children - New York’s Orthodox Jewish community is battling measles outbreaks. Vaccine deniers are to blame. https://t.co/K7BrO1GH3m
Today is the 312th day of the year.
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