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That’s why y’all get played on so damn much cuz ya allow people to do it. They see how wide eyed y’all approach them with your dreams in hand and they finesse the shit out of you and give you some extras instead of millions.

I don’t want extras I desire the millions.

I just gave y’all some cold ass game. 🧊🧊🧊🧊🧊

When you learn how behavior correlate to the emotions you experience you will be able to use them to your benefit and not your detriment.

Emotions are instinctual and can be hard to get away from without a change in behavior pattern. You can learn a behavior that can alter your life while still having those same emotions you’ll just be better at conducting yourself.

We build our emotional sentiment through the things we go through over time. That sentiment can be unhealthy until we find a behavior that can help us build a healthy version for where we are in life now.

All in all change your behavior for a better life.

Sleeping without a pillow is a my new wave ever since my posture got fixed. Can’t be fucking with them pillows shit have ya crooked.

I think everyone should start to learn more about anatomy especially cuz the internet make it easier. Shit is mind blowing what the body is capable of but you can be out here not tapping into your power cuz you aren’t aware of how amazing your body is.


Black man stop a school shooting with a hug and all he get is a tweet and an article lol.

Stop acting weird when someone challenges you to be better. There’s respect in that. That means a person actually believes you’re capable of doing it. All you gotta do is get it done now.

Master P funny as fuck nigga said people got mad at him for copying the Jordan’s his response was “What bread look like? You know how many people sell bread” ???

Tory Lanez Canadian and keeping it realer than niggas from Atlanta. This where we at with it in 2020

Niggas crying over IG being down on a holiday if y’all don’t get ya lame asses in the car and go see ya grandma.

Did all that faking like he was solid hahahahahahahahahah

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What's meant for you is usually better than what you want.

I ain't regular & I won't let you treat me like that cuz I don't treat me like that.

Ya'll doing this for brother hood in them black frats? lol

Niggas do ya dirty and distance themselves from you so they don’t ever have to apologize and act like you the one did them something.