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Me pretending to have fun at parties when I really just wanna go home and read The Power
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Stories like this make me really sad. Cops closed the case and this guy was never charged. But having any allegation against you in this climate can ruin a life. He shot himself.

I am concerned that this is becoming a fact-free frenzy.
A pollster just told me that 19% of surveyed married women who voted for Hillary Clinton said their husbands stayed home and didn't vote in 2016. If this is you, please message me.
Great piece by @abbyabrams about Gov Cuomo's push to remove all weapons from anybody with any domestic violence conviction in NY state: https://t.co/zoutsq8zEw
This is a remarkable demonstration of shared humanity. @JoeBiden, who won in 2008, comforts @MeghanMcCain, whose dad lost that race. Great example of how a cancer diagnosis can make political differences seem trivial.
Somebody should make a prestige drama about all the women who took Harvey Weinstein down and all the stars could play themselves and Harvey Fierstein could play Weinstein.
Frida is one of the best movies ever made. It was about a woman artist, created by women artists, and Harvey made their life hell while they did it.
@NYGovCuomo To recap: 54% of mass shooting ARE domestic violence incidents. Of all the rest, 33% of shooters had a HISTORY of domestic violence:https://t.co/gNk3IUgbSx
In announcing this plan @NYGovCuomo, explicitly links mass violence and institutional sexism in a way that few male politicians have done so far
.@jazzedloon put this together and it is extremely good
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