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Latest Scoops

New Abigail Spanberger ad focuses on her kids, just the latest example of women candidates emphasizing the mom factor
This is astonishing.

Eight stories of men's regret.

I've been waiting for something like this.
Everyone says that 52% of white women voted for Trump— but that’s not exactly true. Read @mollyesque busting the myth: https://t.co/E7o2rEZtnZ
And a must-read @Philip_Elliott story on the Democrats’ quest to capture the Heartland https://t.co/y5RX1E2pZc
It’s not that the Dems are being pulled left— the Dems are being pulled local. And their victory depends on thousands of local groups: the boots on the ground.

My story on the massive grassroots army of ordinary ppl who have enlisted in the fight. https://t.co/oOMR0qAqPy
Would read a book called: "Confessions of an Extremely Effective Person Who Wakes Up at 9am And Hates Working Out"
Call me crazy but I think there's a huge market for stories about famous people who DON'T wake up at 5am.
Episode 2 of The Bellwether is all about whether the pink wave will crash on Long Island. A smart look at a local race that cuts through all the national prognosticating: https://t.co/CAWNq6tnBd
Astonished by this investigation, by @ProPublica and @TIME, of how Liberian schoolgirls were sexually abused by the people who raised millions to build a school to protect them
In 2016, they were old enough to pay attention but too young to vote. Here's how first-time voters-- who are 18 in 2018-- could affect the midterms
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