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#FBF to when Hillary Clinton called for universal health care in her 2008 speech the day Obama won the nomination
Remember that when Brexit happened, most Americans were like "whoah, crazy brah" and then went back to playing Xbox. I remember zero massive street protests in the US about Brexit
Take a moment to recognize the ENORMITY of the UK protest when he's not even their president, not even their nation, not even their rights at stake.
a dentist who's great at body language
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I will wait outside in sleeping bag overnight to buy the first ticket to this movie
Behind every great woman is some dude who told her she couldn't do it.
This goes out to all the pretentious comedy bros who didn’t think @meganamram was funny enough to be on the Harvard Lampoon.

Best of luck with your Emmy nominations, gentlemen! Please enjoy this hilarious web series from your desk at a bank somewhere.

When the telemarketers call me and say "Hello. Do not hang up" it reminds me of when my aunt used to volunteer for this anti-bullying org called Don't Laugh at Me and she would answer the phone like "Hello, Don't Laugh" and then you can't NOT laugh.
This is very true of @talter
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