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California democrats decline to endorse Dianne Feinstein:
Been crushing the crush beat since 1997
To those who asked: I obviously did not name the boy with the crush. But now she knows that SOMEONE has a crush on her. By "accidentally" i mean I told her about the anonymous boy crushing on her and didn't know she hadn't noticed him.
No names. I never reveal the source of the crush.
best part of my day was fact-checking a story about a HS student (not at parkland) and accidentally telling her that a boy has a crush on her and she says WHAT HOW DO YOU KNOW THAT and i said 'i'm a reporter, it's my job to know who has a crush on who.'
my bf went to a strip club last night and i'm not even mad abt it
This is big: Republican Rep. Brian Mast, an NRA member, gun owner, and veteran, comes out for an assault weapons ban and stronger background checks.

Even though the NRA donated more than $24k to him in 2016.
Every day there's another Greek tragedy in this country
When boomers come at teens on social media
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Oregon just closed the "Boyfriend loophole," banning anyone with a domestic violence or stalking conviction from getting a gun: https://t.co/y8eUyhzWpt
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