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.@carouselbway was astonishing. @joshuahenry20 played a Billy Bigelow who was violent and abusive and yet tragic and worthy of love. Incredible artistry and a valuable addition to the conversation about abuse and redemption. Can't stop thinking about it.
Congrats to my friend @SCBegley, who will absolutely crush it as Time's new Books Editor!!
From what I can tell from reporting on teenage #neveragain activists over the last three weeks, kids are going into the midterms like
Don’t miss the shoe critics can’t stop talking about!

“Where did you get THOSE shoes”— my mom
“Funky!” — my aunt
“Thank god you’re not looking for a boyfriend” — my dad
Idea: “Scared straight” but for kids who want to be writers
thoughts and prayers to all the college admissions officers who will read a bajillion personal essays about today's #NationalStudentWalkout
Roughly 80% of the time, when someone tells you to "do your research" they mean "immerse yourself in the conspiracy theories on my Facebook page that inform my bogus view on this topic."

The other 20% of the time, they're right.
Listen to this 8-year old describe why he walked out of his 2nd grade classroom
Honestly this is a Cohen brothers movie
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