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Charlie Daniels

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These are flying out the door! Charlie signed the last of the CDB 'Fire on the Mountain' 45th Anniversary guitars! Comes w/handwritten lyrics to "Long Haired Country Boy," Signed CD, 2 T-shirts & a COA. These will be gone VERY soon! - TeamCDB/BW

125,000 innocent unborn babies will be murdered by abortionists around the world today.

Dean took this picture of the early morning Kansas sky God’s wonders are everywhere.

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Can you imagine being tied in a chair and being forced to watch 24 straight hours of congressional hearings? You’d probably never be the same.


The real problem with official Washington is that they know if Trump gets another term and gains control of both houses of Congress, prosperity will soar in every strata of society and the old sellout politicians on both sides of the aisle will become obsolete and powerless

Its a disgrace that a Muslim congresswoman can say anything she pleases about Jews and when someone criticizes her they are punished for it. This is the democrat party version of America I, for one, will not live by it, I’ll say what I damn well please, when I damn well please

I have held my tongue, but not giving a damn about political correctness I’m just going to come our and say it. I’m sick and tired of people who have had the blessing of all this nation has to offer continually condemning it If it ain’t good enough for you planes leave every day

Adam Schiff you’re going to fall on your butt and take part of the democrat party with you. You pursue ghosts, you parse words, you selectively leak anything you think will be helpful to your bogus charge, while hiding the truth,you’re a proven liar and a disgrace to true justice

Anybody who shoots children and allows two babies to burn in their baby seats has forfeited their right to live. Narco terrorists need to be exterminated like the animals they are

In my opinion there should be a mandatory death penalty for people who buy and sell children into sex slavery

Socialism comes down to whether you think the government does a better job of spending your money and running your life than you do.

Mr Obama, if you are responsible for the upswing in the American economy as you claim, why did it happen only after you left office after practically everything you did had been replaced. Face it, all you left was an economy in shambles and a twenty trillion dollar debt.