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Melania felt it was too traumatic to move her son to DC in the middle of the school year so she spent millions of taxpayer dollars to stay in NY w him for MONTHS!

Now she’s sipping tea w the queen of Spain discussing helping kids while her husband locks them in cages

Girl bye!
I actual fear now that the government will slow-walk releasing these kids in the US so that they won’t give devestating tv interviews about their time in cages crying for their parents.
Today is #Juneteenth, African-American Independence Day. July 4, had nothing to do with us. Today I will be grillin’ and chillin’…
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#BreakingNews Yes, you’re reading that right, “we do not apologize” for family separation! The Trump administration is filled with grinches! #BabySnatchers
Thanks Twitter family: “Trump and the Baby Snatchers” is trending! Read the column here... https://t.co/nKJYTFJX7C
Read my column, “Trump and the Baby Snatchers,” and let me know what you think... https://t.co/nKJYTFJX7C
See Melania, just when you had snookered some folks into feeling sorry for you, you come out with this BULL! https://t.co/gt6Wq3wKyr
Read my column, “Trump and the Baby Snatchers,” and let me know what you think. https://t.co/nKJYTFJX7C
Now I remember why I was so hesitant to start working on this new book: It takes over my life! Been writing nonstop for over a week. Up to 2 am every morning. Standard book is about book is about 80,000 words. I've already written 10,000. And, can't stop...
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