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Just like everything else about this "presidency"… #StolenValor https://t.co/iM34479HyN
CNN poll: Two-thirds want to stay in Iran nuclear deal https://t.co/Slp3LiCmk2
Trump: Obama didn't call families of fallen soldiers.

Obama: First of all…
@erineileengray @CNN Truth is not altered because it hurts your feelings. Truth must be dealt with! Anyone unwilling to do so is uninterested in truth.
@erineileengray @CNN If you call my ability to read and relay the facts on this receipt "blaming white women, " then knock yourself out… https://t.co/eDyBvu2
Scheduled to be on cnntonight with @donlemon this evening at 11:15 pm ET to discuss today's… https://t.co/WPIJMLmCvx
Tarantino on Weinstein: ‘I Knew Enough to Do More Than I Did’ via @NYTimes https://t.co/ee77wlUsOM
Expert: Water from a polluted Puerto Rico site 'safe to drink' https://t.co/pEgulNMvbi
I keep telling y'all about John Kelly. He signed up to make Trump's craziness look less crazy. That make Kelly himself VERY dangerous…
Thanks Twitter family: "Trump Isn't Hitler…" is trending! Read the column here: https://t.co/8EVWY7lnDD
Read my column, "Trump Isn’t Hitler. But the Lying …," and let me know what you think. https://t.co/8EVWY7lnDD
Sir-prise, sur-prise. Another lie… https://t.co/2sdqC2CnZK
My god. And wasn't this kook a judge? Every case he ruled on needs to be reviewed… https://t.co/iLXBkYF585
It really irks me that America keeps asking blk ppl - especially blk women - to save it from itself, and blaming them if they don't…https://t.co/wdoWIbBBJD
For those who still need a bit of context and a history lesson on Puerto Rico to understand how… https://t.co/QUCjk39MuM
#AboutLastNight Yesteraday John McCain gave a great speech. He slammed Trump's vision of… https://t.co/XziDu1GKl6
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