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And yes, I will make the obvious racial point: If a black man was accused of preying on teenage white girls when he was in his 30s, not only would he not be in a competitive Senate race, he might well be dead... #AlabamaSenateElection
If accused pedophile Roy Moore wins, he will do so bc of overwhelming support among white evangelical Christians. Let that sink it. The GOP is broken beyond repair... #JustThrowTheWholeThingAway #AlabamaSenateElection
The fact the #RoyMoore is even a possibility in 2017 is shocking and should be a wake up call for everyone who's snoozing… #AlabamaSpecialElection
#OnThisDay in 2000, the Supreme Court issued its decision in the Bush v Gore election, throwing the victory to Bush, who had lost the popular vote btw... #HangingChads
I don't want to have to think about Alabama this much…
Exclusive: Gillibrand calls on Trump to resign https://t.co/IFl2MMCpLP
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