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I told you guys that this was a good idea… https://t.co/ub01H1zcPs
Is Donald Trump a traitor? (by James Risen) https://t.co/G6I4i8r1Jm
If Rosenstein was sure that the was no affect, he could have said so: "The charge conduct DID NOT alter the outcome of the 2016 election."
During his prepared remarks, he put it this way: "There is no allegation IN THE INDICTMENT that the charge conduct altered the outcome of the 2016 election."
Let's clear up the record: Rosenstein didn't say that Russian meddling DIDN'T affect the outcome of the election. He couldn't know that. He only said this: "There is no allegation IN THE INDICTMENT of any affect on the outcome of the election." #13Russians https://t.co/WIGRw9p9oN
So, Rosenstein briefed Trump in the WH before he announced the indictments. So what happens if Rosenstein needs to indict someone in Trump's family (looking and you Don Jr)? If he briefs Trump first, he and Mueller will BOTH be fired before he leaves that room...
And never forget that this is also EXACTLY the tact the Trump Campaign was taking to suppress the black vote? Coincidence? Hmmm..https://t.co/pHTpFzoFFa.
And to me, what is particularly galling is that the Russian particularly targeted minorities to suppress their votes. They even co-opted "Woke Blacks"! So, we had domestic voter suppression AND foreign adversary voter suppression! https://t.co/3zM99jWX3D
Just throw this whole presidency way. It’s tainted! #13Russians #indictment
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