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Married couple in China discover they appeared in same photograph as teenagers: Report

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China / Report

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Former GOP Rep. Joe Walsh says he is "strongly, strongly considering" entering the 2020 race to challenge President Trump: “He’s a horrible human being. He’s a bad, bad guy.”

Video of George Washington Bridge as the bomb squad works in scene.

The rainforests in the Amazon are burning at a record rate. The World Wildlife Fund warns these fires could accelerate climate change.

Justice Dept. says an email sent to immigration court employees this week should not have included a link to a white nationalist website.

“The ongoing forest fires in Brazil are deeply worrying,” the European Commission said in a statement. “Forests are our lungs and life support systems.”

Investors are anxious, and America’s trade war with China shows no signs of abating

The Amazon rainforest contains 90 to 140 billion metric tons of carbon, according to the World Wildlife Fund. If it burns, that carbon will go into the atmosphere. Too much carbon in the atmosphere is one of the main reasons behind climate change.

The Amazon, the world's largest rainforest, is key to the planet's health. But it's now burning at a record rate. Here are some steps you can take: 🌱 Donate to help with reforestation 🌱 Buy "rainforest safe" products 🌱 Aim to live sustainably

CLIMATE IN CRISIS: This summer has brought record-breaking heat and ice melt of Greenland’s ice sheet. NASA scientists estimate Greenland alone could cause 3-to-4 feet of sea level rise by 2100.

Daniel Jones is done for the night. He completed 9 of 11 passes for 141 yards. Through three games, he’s 25 of 30 (83.3 percent) for 369 yards, two touchdowns and no interceptions. That’s a passer rating of 140.1.