Brexit / Labour Election / Britain / Boris Johnson-Led Conservative

A focus group of people who voted for Brexit in the referendum and Labour at the last General Election are asked what headlines they would expect if Britain elects a Boris Johnson-led Conservative government.

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Brexit / Labour Election / Britain / Boris Johnson-Led Conservative

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JUST IN | Jawaharlal Nehru University Students' Union has called for an all night protest outside police headquarters condemning violence #JamiaProtest  #JNU 

This report says 50 Hindu houses ransacked and looted in Bengal’s #Murshidabad  by ‘protesters’. Most horrific violence over #CABPolotics  has been in Murshidabad district, where demographics as per 2011 census is 66.27% Muslims, 33.21% Hindus. #BengalBurns 

0 new miles of border wall, 2 countries asked to interfere in the 2020 election, and so on — here is President Trump's 2019 by the numbers

Every year, our photo editors sift through 365 days of images to distill the year. The result is a visual chronicle of political protests, climate catastrophes, mass shootings and poignant scenes of everyday life. This is 2019 in pictures.

Possible "white power" hand signs displayed at Army-Navy football game, prompting investigation

Wallace presses Comey on FISA abuses: “You were in charge during a lot of this, sir.”

WATCH: Poland kickstarts Christmas celebrations with the annual ‘Szopka’ tradition

The Navy made Harvey Milk resign for being gay. Now they’re building a ship named after him.

My reporting showed the FISA abuse and unmasking began in 2009 and it didn’t matter if you were a Republican or Democrat.