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A culture of silence means the allegations of sexual abuse of children in Pakistan's Islamic schools is going unpunished.
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.@lindseyhilsum reports from the scene in Zimbabwe as jubilant crowds fill the streets as Mugabe’s resignation is read out in parliament.
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“This is the beginning of our real independence”

These are the scenes in Zimbabwe as jubilant crowds fill the streets following Robert Mugabe’s resignation being read out in parliament. #Mugabe #MugabeResignsR#Zimbabweesigns
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How did North Korea get its nukes?

@FactCheck follows North Korea’s nuclear trail - from the Soviet Union to South London.

Thousands of people are flooding Zimbabwe’s streets in celebration after Robert Mugabe’s resignation was read out in Parliament.
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Once hailed as a liberator of Zimbabwe, parliament's speaker says Mugabe has resigned.

How did the world's oldest leader rise to power?
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Dancing in the streets of Harare as Robert Mugabe resignation announced - watch live - https://t.co/O4DnBpoQsV
WATCH LIVE: Scenes of jubilation in Zimbabwe as President Mugabe resigns - says speaker in parliament.

Zimbabwe's Parliament speaker says Robert Mugabe has resigned. More to follow.
Extended interview: David Miliband on Brexit, refugees and his family in World War 2.

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