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“It’s more like what we would expect from a rogue dictator.”

@EmilyThornberry says President Trump doesn’t believe “laws apply to him”.
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The UN High Commissioner for Refugees condemns the treatment of the Rohingya Muslims fearing for their lives in Myanmar.
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Politics turned upside down at Labour’s conference amid frustrations at ‘gagged’ MPs - by @GaryGibbonBlog https://t.co/ybYmcpu10V
Exit polls in Germany indicate Angela Merkel is set for a fourth term.

These are the secrets of her rise to power: https://t.co/jY1o8RSmNC
This is the moment more than 20 NFL players defy Trump by not standing for the U.S. anthem - joining growing protests at racial injustice.
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Finding fatberg: going underground in London's sewers https://t.co/BbdScc9v4G
May's EU transition plan quite a pill for some voters to swallow https://t.co/MDxe81UHva via @garygibbonblog
Zombie-like users and violence – this is the reality of legal highs like Spice
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Under the streets of London something quite horrible awaits.

@CathyNewman went underground to find a fatberg.
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NHS faces staffing crisis claims BMA https://t.co/gw28Kvunxn via @JaneDJourno
Dominica destroyed after Hurricane Maria https://t.co/Az1SdTtxJX via @PGMcNamara
A far-right nationalist party may be elected to Germany’s parliament for the first time since World War 2.
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Watch our exclusive report on Amazon's sale of potential bomb components
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.@Pontifex says he's "worried and saddened" to see the Catholic community being "unwelcoming towards migrants".
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Spot the difference. Donald Trump has used similar language to describe Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria
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Watch again - our Exclusive investigation into potentially deadly bomb parts for sale on Amazon https://t.co/dzbdf17nS9 #C4News
Theresa May wants a "bold new strategic agreement" with the EU on security co-operation. Watch Live - https://t.co/oxkCiwE9te
Theresa May's Brexit speech: Watch live as the prime minister lays out her Brexit plan in Florence #C4News
Watch Theresa May's Brexit speech live https://t.co/G1FPuxQrKy
This epic light installation shows you what it would be like to sink below rising sea levels.
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