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“If we wreck the natural world, in the end, we wreck ourselves.”

Sir David Attenborough talks to Prince William about how “the central part of human life is a healthy planet.”
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“The relationship of Great Britain to Europe was always very...patchy.”

German Chancellor Angela Merkel discusses Brexit - after signing a new treaty with French President Emmanuel Macron forging closer ties between the two countries.
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"Immigration will not fall in this country, it will rise, and it will rise because we will be in a weak position."

David Lammy MP says "being honest with the electorate tells them that you're better off remaining in the European Union."
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In Zimbabwe, 12 people have died in a violent week of protests and a brutal government crackdown.

The government says its response so far “is just a foretaste of things to come…”

We speak to young people on the run, in fear and in hiding.

The odyssey of Brexit reaches a new weirdness on Thursday.

Len McCluskey, head of the Unite union, will be walking up Downing Street for talks with Theresa May.

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Brexit Plan B? May refuses to tear up her deal

Zimbabwean journalist Violet Gonda: “Nothing has changed”

Conservative MP Andrea Jenkyns MP: ‘Brexiteers given hope by meeting with May’

Northern Ireland Assistant Chief Constable Mark Hamilton: ‘We sense very little community support for what has happened’

Brexit Minister Robin Walker: ‘Suspending Article 50 won’t help’

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