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And we speak to the Egyptian author and feminist campaigner Nawal El Saadawi - who says danger has been a part of her life ever since she picked up a pen.

All this and more from 6.30pm.
In the sport - we're catching up with the latest stage of the Giro d'Italia - where Britain's Chris Froome has clinched victory.
More fighting in eastern Syria has left four Russian soldiers dead. We'll be talking live with chief corresponden @alextomot , who's in Damascus - for the latest on the Syrian conflict.
And the US North Korea summit is definitely back on. Possibly. Donald Trump insists everything is going really well. Kim Jong Un is apparently totally on board too. We'll be asking a top Korea diplomacy expert what to make of it all.
Tonight from 6.30pm on Channel 4 News - Theresa May has congratulated Irish voters on their decision to liberalise abortion laws - but she's now under pressure to reform Northern Ireland's strict laws too.
Meet Miracle - the baby boy born at sea.
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The people of Ireland comprehensively backed abortion law reform in yesterday's referendum - @JackieLongc4 spoke to some voters
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Ebola has struck a city in the Democratic Republic of Congo - so should the rest of the world be worried? https://t.co/fZWzul5NWU
A record turnout and more than 66% voting in favour of abortion reform - it was an historic day in Ireland. @JackieLongc4 was in Dublin for the result - https://t.co/Bcbl88bX7c
The ebola virus has again broken out in the Democratic Republic of Congo, with patients and victims now being treated in hospitals in Mbandaka, a city of 1.2 million.

Could it be Africa's next crisis? Watch our latest So What explainer here:

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