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The Afar region in Northeastern Ethiopia has been home to Nomads for generations, but their way of life is under threat due to climate change. @JamalMOsman  reports from the frontline of the climate emergency on how things have changed for the worse. #emergencyonplanetearth 

Food is scarce and drinking water is a luxury, and many are struggling to find enough to survive.

Local people have never heard of the term climate change, but experts at Semera University say they are suffering because of it. Abdulselam Mohamud says deforestation in another part of the country could "directly or indirectly" affect the climate change of other areas.

What is cyberflashing and should it be illegal in England and Wales? For more videos like these follow us on TikTok

Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar insists he spoke out about discharging patients into care homes in March and April last year. @C4Ciaran  asks: “Are you sure?”

A complete change of climate - Biden's America gets serious on global warming, as the president promises to slash emissions by 2030. @siobhankennedy4  reports. #EmergencyOnPlanetEarth 

Inquest hears man died after ‘violent struggle’ with police officers, as @clarefallon  reports.


As thousands of protesters in Thailand demand reform to the monarchy, the King has told Channel 4 News/CNN in an exclusive interview that "we love them all the same" and Thailand is "the land of compromise" - suggesting there may be a way out of the months long political standoff

“I honestly feel that if this was a white person attacked by an Asian…it’d be all over the news.” Acid attack victim tells #c4news  his story

"I don't know if we have ever experienced this kind of global challenge to racism and to the consequences of slavery." Angela Davis says anti-racism protests around the world are "a very exciting moment".

"If the other three police officers who were standing around when George Floyd was murdered had thought about intervening like what we did, George Floyd would be alive today." Patrick Hutchinson, who was pictured carrying a protestor to safety at violent demo says what happened.

"You're selling us self-consciousness." Jameela Jamil explains why she thinks the Kardashians are "double agents for the patriarchy", in the latest Ways to Change the World podcast.

“As far as I’m aware she does not have any degree in economics.” “I was and I remain a professor of economics.” This is what happened when a Brexit Party MEP questioned the expertise of Green MEP Molly Scott Cato over post-Brexit trade.

The British Army’s Household Division play Aretha Franklin’s ‘Respect’ at Buckingham Palace on the day of the Queen of Soul’s funeral

“I want to embrace him and tell him how much I love him.” Evidence Joel, the mother of missing student Richard Okorogheye, tells @JackieLongc4  she has been overwhelmed by the support from the public, as she appeals for her son to come home.

"Aleppo is a place where the children have stopped crying." Scenes of sheer terror and grief in the last hospital in the last days of Aleppo