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  3. and the winner of the #ballondor is... ronaldo! 🏆 🎉🎇 congratulations, @cristiano! 👏👏👏
and the winner of the #BallondOR is... Ronaldo! 🏆 🎉🎇

Congratulations, @cristiano! 👏👏👏
and the winner of the #BallondOR is... Ronaldo! 🏆 🎉🎇

Congratulations, @cristiano! 👏👏👏


Tobias Rieder had his first goal as a LA King!!! Welcome to the City of Angels (and Kings) !!! 🥅🙌👋 @LAKings #GoKingsGo
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LAL get a stop and rebound, with Josh Hart going to the FT line and making 2 with 5.2 seconds left.
Cardiac Cats!

Dylan Smith hits a 3-pointer with 15 seconds left to tie it at 83 and forces the game to go into overtime.

Pritchard can't get the last shot to fall and Arizona-Oregon is headed to overtime!
OK OK last play ... drive and try to score over 4 guys including the No. 1 pick. Sound good? OK.
Oregon and Arizona head to overtime tied, 83-83. Pitchard just missed a floater off the glass in the final seconds of regulation.
Crows beat Fremantle by 10 points, 91-81. Fyfe and Gibbs were among the standouts for each team. See the full scores and stats here: https://t.co/vISVhYZ5hJ
#lchss We've got scores and the remaining region schedule around the Clarksville area right here. https://t.co/7AdIhtui81 via @leafchronicle
A rare 4-point play at the wrong time for the Lakers. KCP ran into Bogdanovic, who hit the 3 and the FT to cut the lead to 1. IT responded with 2 FT’s, but SAC is down 3 with the ball and 11.7 left.
It is one each in the Ice Hockey final between OAR and Germany!

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