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  3. and the winner of the #ballondor is... ronaldo! 🏆 🎉🎇 congratulations, @cristiano! 👏👏👏
and the winner of the #BallondOR is... Ronaldo! 🏆 🎉🎇

Congratulations, @cristiano! 👏👏👏
and the winner of the #BallondOR is... Ronaldo! 🏆 🎉🎇

Congratulations, @cristiano! 👏👏👏


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To uncover your true potential you must first find your own limits and then you have to have the courage to blow past them. -Picabo Street
6 - #BCFCu23s threaten again. Bajrami wins a header inside the box and finds fellow CB Martin who once again finds the palms of Jaaskelainen. 0-0
Having a baby is a big financial deal, and being prepared for the costs should outweigh the energy going into hosting beautiful showers and decorating the baby’s room, writes personal finance columnist Lesley-Anne Scourgie. https://t.co/cOMSjnN6B1
The perfectionist in Patrick Mahomes wants to deliver every time, and he never wants to exit a game with regrets. https://t.co/80mfcGApJp
One city in the US has become a laboratory for Amazon to test its latest ideas in retail and logistics

It’s little solace, but @PatOHolloway wants to remind everyone that Jimmy Garoppolo’s injury had nothing to do with #KCChiefs defender Steven Nelson clocking him and everything to do with a bad cut before the hit. #49ers https://t.co/K8xHOddYdK
Big week ahead. If you're in town for the @CLTMotorSpdwy race, come stop by and say hello at the @NASCARHall Lots of cool things to see and do here. #NASCARHOF
Go between the tackles w/ Panthers RB Christian McCaffrey, into the pile w/ Cam Newton and downfield (?!) w/ Ryan Kalil.
Your 7-point spread, served -- Donte Jackson-style -- on a silver platter:
3 - A bright start from #BCFCu23s who register the first shot on goal. Boyd-Munce loiters on the edge of the box and sends a clean drive straight at Will Jaaskelainen. 0-0
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