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You certainly need to watch out for white nationalists.
We have thousands of unidentifiable people marching across Mexico to demand entry into the U.S.
Blue check leftists have been screaming about babies in cages for two years.
Now they’re gonna put on straight faces and say “There’s no national emergency”.
@RealJamesWoods @Chuck3960There is nothing new about her deal. Socialists have wanted to control farming, transportation, factories, and banks, since day one. She’s a teen idol, and like all teen idols, she’s destined for the state fair.

Which is kinda poetic.
@seanhannity It way more than border security. I’ve been stunned, and disgusted by U.S. immigration policy since September 11, 2001. We need a serious fix and it’s blatantly obvious that politicians in both parties have NO interest in doing it. #BuildtheWall
That’s fine. Five years ago Beyoncé and Al Sharpton were calling the shots.
Here’sa good rule to live by:

If Democrat says it’s a “crisis” it isn’t.

If a Democrat says it’s not an “emergency” you can bet your ass that it’s a serious problem.


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Here's something the media won't tell you, @realDonaldTrump is drawing the largest crowds in U.S. presidential camp…
Fun fact: while running for Illinois senate, Mr. Obama sued to have his opponent's nasty divorce records unsealed and leaked them.
Why is that can find a guy who made a gif, in a matter of hours but they still can't find any Russian hackers?

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When people in $34,000 clothes, give each other golden statues and tell me about equality.
I’m not sure, but I think I spent the last 24 hours watching the party of inclusion, diversity, understanding, and acceptance, lynch a Jew.

#Roseanne #ValerieJarrett #EverydayRacism #Ambien
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I'm no lawyer but can anyone show me where, in the Constitution, it says that Seattle judges decide our national security policy?
It's been sixteen years since I watched a small group of illegal immigrants steal four airliners and kill almost 3,000 of my fellow citizens
I remember when Democrats set a bunch of people on fire because of how they practiced their religion.
Comey: Your Honor, we would like to use this folder of crap, that Hillary Clinton paid for, to bug all the phones in Trump Tower.

Federal Judge: Okey-dokey

#FisaGate #ObamaGate #HillaryMemo #MemoDay
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Quick question: How many people who worked for the DNC were murdered last week?
@CNN @FoxNews @nbcnews @CBSNews
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