Rep Maxine Waters

Scalise on civility and the comments of Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA): I know firsthand. We’ve got to be really careful about how to discuss our differences and not trying..No one should be inciting violence or harassment of any sort

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Rep Maxine Waters

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751 unmarked graves found at site of former residential school in Saskatchewan, Cowessess First Nation says. Marieval Indian Residential School operated from 1899 to 1997. Chief says finding the names of the people buried is the next priority.

Hundreds of graves were found at another forced assimilation school for Indigenous children in Canada — weeks after remains of 215 children were found. 150,000 children were held in the mostly Catholic-run schools, thousands dying from abuse. The church has never apologized.

Today marks the beginning of a new generation of Windows. With Windows 11, we’re reimagining everything from the operating system to the store, to unlock new opportunity for people and the world.

Parents of a Parkland shooting victim tricked an ex-NRA president into speaking to 3,044 empty chairs — representing child gun violence victims who would have graduated in 2021. David Keene was told it was a rehearsal for a (fictional) high school graduation. 📷: Change the Ref

The Founding Fathers risked everything Not just their own lives, their fortunes, their land, but the lives of their families They signed knowing they had just declared war on the greatest military power in the world 1/

UPDATE: Over 750 unmarked graves were found at a former forced assimilation school for Indigenous children in Saskatchewan, Canada. The Catholic Church running the Marieval school removed the headstones. Experts believe over 10,000 children died in such schools across Canada.

@MeghanMcCain  called for the FBI to "extradite" Britney Spears "from her home" after the singer broke her silence in court Wednesday on the conservatorship she has been under since 2008. "This is a human trafficking issue and should be treated as such."

“We have a deal” @POTUS  tells reporters outside the White House.

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Senator Collins: Democrats and Republicans have agreed on the price tag, the scope, and the way to pay for the infrastructure deal. Senator Manchin says a reconciliation — passed with only Democrat support — will also happen as part of this deal.

Many of the hundreds of parents who flooded the auditorium in the suburbs of Washington, D.C., on Tuesday night were there to accuse the schools of teaching their kids that racism in America is structural and systemic - which the board denies 2/5