"Juliet. Such a nasty woman. She made Romeo kill himself. And believe me he could have done better. Look at her." #TrumpBookReport 

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More rain forecast after Storm Dennis unleashed torrents on the country

Driver of getaway car in gangland shooting jailed for 10 years

Here's everything you need to know about pensions but were afraid to ask

F9/Starlink5: Now 37 minutes to launch; launch team is 'go' for propellant loading

Today's mission will deploy 60 Starlink satellites into an elliptical transfer orbit around 15 minutes after liftoff. Previous Falcon 9 launches with Starlink satellites released the payloads into circular orbits an hour into the mission. DETAILS:

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"If we do this, 10 years from now our schoolchildren will not know or care when George Washington was born. They will know that in the middle of February they will have a 3-day weekend for some reason" #PresidentsDay 

Falcon 9 B1056.4 has missed the drone ship.

Falcon 9’s first stage missed a landing on SpaceX’s drone ship in the Atlantic Ocean.

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To stop pipelines like #KXL , we've got to #StopTheMoneyPipeline . Join us April 23 at the Earth Day#ClimateStrike  to stop fossil fuel financing. Sign up here: