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The 2020s provide perfect opportunity for Europe to return to its liberal democratic mission and to finally become an independent international actor. My take for @VoxEurop 

For 30 years now Social Democrats respond to electoral losses by focusing only on voters that went to far right. No interest in non (no longer) voters, or those that went to center-right or Greens. Nope, just those "not really far right" far right voters.

I fully agree! Sadly, only tenured (full) professors can afford to do this, but WE are producing far too many articles and books, many add little to what was published before (often by same authors) and are produced only for cv.

PLEASE read this! This is what happens when nativism is mobilized for the cause of unhinged capitalism. More hybrid of far right and mainstream right than far right pure. But this is case in Brazil, India, Hungary too.

Unlike most people on Twitter, I am not an expert on Iran or the Middle East, but I still doubt that we are on the eve of World War III. 🙄

BIG upset in Croatia, where Social Democrat prevails over right-wing incumbent (and earlier far right candidate). HDZ was slipping toward illiberal democracy (again), so this is also bad news for Orbán, who is trying to create buffer of similar regimes.

"While defining themselves as the silent majority, the far right is in fact a shouting minority, which has faced little pushback from ideologically bankrupt mainstream left and parties." Me in @GuardianUS 

"an indispensable guide to extreme rightwing parties" Thanks to @EdwardGLuce  for thoughtful review of "The Far Right Today" (and for reviewing it together with @Chris_arnade  brilliant "Dignity").