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"For me, their clothes represent California; nature; the landscape that I grew up in; fantasy; art & references to films, to music, to location" -sponsor Christine Suppes on the exhibit in DC https://t.co/YFUO3PQchs
As you watch football on TV, consider there are some former who are homeless, bankrupt or suffering serious medical issues. Meet the veterans who created the to help their 'family' through hard times. story pgs. 82-89 https://t.co/bp9w6IgXke
Bought baby gift for a friend online 2 days ago & put in wrong address. Macy's allows 30 min to change the order & now too late to cancel the order. UPS has to find the 'wrong' address, then call Macy's, then Macy's calls me for right address. Is this the best they can do?
Scenes from the Rodarte retrospective in Washington DC. Amazing that a design duo so young would have a retrospective — an honor usually reserved for artists much older toward the… https://t.co/yGaZY7FDDG
George Hamilton at Evvia in Palo Alto for George and Judy Marcus’s #Halloween costume party. Plus other interesting costumes guests. #loveatfirstbite @ Evvia Estiatorio https://t.co/E9IwVsYWI5
Can you catch the scent of orange zest in the air? A mandarin garnet ring at the ⁦⁩ trunk show at ⁦⁩ Palo Alto. ⁦⁩#flowerpower
I am sitting down. This mars Khabib’s excellent performance and victory and threatened to turn the area around the ring into a huge mob fight. It’s unprofessional (just like Conor throwing stuff at a bus.)
I hope you also call Joe Rogan and all the TV announcers (who all said exactly the same thing as I just) did a “dumbass bitch.” This ruins the moment for Khabib.
#ufc229 take the title away from - jumping out of the octagon & attacking someone? that’s unsportsmanlike and a dangerous precedent to set #mma
Not sure I understand the math in this ad from Fox News. There are 15.2 million people watching other news channels, but they claim they’ve beat everyone else with almost fewer people in total - 5.7 million - watching Fox.
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