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This really is quite unbelievable language from a Government Minister.

"Give the armed forces more money or we'll have to use nukes".

How about we scrap the nukes and spend money on things that will actually keep people in this country safe?

In May we had our best ever local elections results.

But there is so much more we can do!

Please help me and local Greens build the strongest local team ever:

We stand in solidarity with those voting YES for repeal in Ireland on Friday.
#RepealThe8th #Together4Yes
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This blue on blue war is putting our country and environment in jeopardy. The dinosaurs in the treasury are blocking action needed to enforce our green laws - and in doing so accelerating descent into environment-trashing #brexit: https://t.co/ov0H0xy2up
Want to know something this so-called 'green' government don't want you to know?

Today. 22nd May 2018. Mining has begun at an opencast coal site in County Durham.

How on earth does this square with all your eco rhetoric @michaelgove?

Gove says we're leading on phasing out petrol and diesel cars with 2040 target - but countries adopting more ambitious targets include Norway, Netherlands, Scotland, Ireland, Slovenia, California, India, China ...
My thoughts, and the thoughts of everyone in @TheGreenParty, are with the families of those who lost their lives in the Manchester bombing. As ever we pay tribute to the emergency service workers and others who helped those in need, and saved many lives.
The Government's clean air plan is weak, bordering on pathetic. We won't tackle this killer unless we get a handle on traffic fumes - and that means an end to handouts for the motor lobby: https://t.co/e5rTZW07dx
In debate on #TenantFeesBill - while banning letting fees is positive step forward, elephant in room is massively escalating private sector rents. Urgently need rent controls to stop and reverse those rising costs if serious about helping people in places like #Brighton
Sheffield's lord mayor might be a 'zaddy' but he's serious about change | Charlie Brinkhurst-Cuff https://t.co/Y0eQW04d7Z
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