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MP for Brighton Pavilion; Co-leader of the Green Party with @jon_bartley; Mum

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Spot on “They do not see that on planet of finite resources, sharing is necessity, not choice. They do not realise British are Europe’s citizens, too -Hard Tory Brexiters worship a past that never existed while hailing a future that will never materialise” https://t.co/QU2YCnkKPf
With the lovely @thegreenparty block at #PeoplesMarch! This is huge 😀
Those of us campaigning for the public to have a say over our collective future with a #PeoplesVote must make clear our vision for the greatest social transformation this country has seen in years.

The status quo is indefensible.

Me in @huffpo https://t.co/64SJOxg6YW
Thank you @martletshospice for the reminder to slow down and #BeMoreSnail. I encountered these rather lovely examples of the snails popping up in the city when I was out and about today. #Brighton.
Great pleasure to be in discussion with fab Helena Kennedy about new book, Shaming Eve.

Timely reminder of how much more needs to be done to end discrimination against women in legal system - so hard when legal aid slashed & austerity continues
@lloyd_rm @BHGreens @BHGreenCllrs @peterkyle And I’ll go one better with Green policy of complete ban on #Fracking :)

Moratorium good but not enough - we already know that fracking is completely incompatible with our climate commitments

See world’s foremost climate scientist James Hansen here 👇https://t.co/vJ2paSPlhg

With the wonderful ⁦@mgordonwalker⁩ celebrating the publication of the Secret Lives of Mothers.

So moving to hear the testimonies of so many amazing women

Do check it out! #Brighton
For 3 years the #Brexit debate has been dominated by wealthy & powerful men of a certain age.

If we don’t give women, BAME people, young people, migrants, disabled people and everyone else a say, public will be right to lose faith in politics
My questions reveal Govt has slashed @NaturalEngland funding by 55% and moved 463 staff to @DefraGovUK.

Behind @michaelgove’s promises of a ‘Green Brexit’ is a secretive assault on the agency that looks after irreplaceable habitats & beautiful landscapes.
Great to see Tories coming to their senses.

Onshore wind is cheapest green energy - but Govt's virtually banned it.

Come on @PHammondMP - time to get serious & use to inves#budgett in clean energy & start steering us off path to climate breakdown.
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