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MP for Brighton Pavilion; Co-leader of the Green Party with @jon_bartley; Mum

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It's almost as if I wrote down everything I've been saying for the last two years 🙂 #NothingHasChanged
Northern Ireland's last remaining ancient woodlands Prehen Woods is at risk from being felled by developers.

I have signed the petition to help save it – please join me and others including @ChrisGPackham and add your name too ! https://t.co/bph1I5j74p
Just come out of Downing St after robust discussion with PM.

I urged her to take no deal off the table & stop blackmailing MPs.

I raised rights of 3 million & pressed hard on a

But s#PeoplesVoteadly these talks are coming far too late & no sign PM is willing to compromise
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Thanks for all the great suggestions of issues to raise with the PM

Heading over there now - wish me luck!

In my meeting with the PM tomorrow, i’ll also urge her to consider the role a Citizens’ Assembly might play and to look to the country not just inside the corridors of Westminster.

And I want her to hear your voices too. What do you want me to tell her?
Meeting Prime Minister at 9am tomorrow

I want to use this opportunity to try to break open this gridlocked process and let different voices in

I’ll tell her loud & clear that the threat of no deal mus#Brexitt come off the table and that there should be a #PeoplesVote
“Politics has become about the box you put someone in to dismiss them, not the bridges you build to find shared solutions”

Great piece from @lisanandy &

C@stellacreasyitizens’ Assemblies have real potential to help build trust & heal divisions https://t.co/qFxU2vsVcF
PM hangs on by 19 votes.
So disappointing that MPs failed to remove this cruel & incompetent Govt with tonight's

Pa#NoConfidenceMotionrliament has now had its say both on the dea#Brexitl & on the Government.

It's time to extend that right to the people with a #PeoplesVote
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PM has failed to tackle any of underlying injustices & inequalities that drove vot#Brexite, so very glad to support

Bu#NoConfidenceMotiont general election between 2 parties who support Brexit won't resolve this crisis.

So we also need to listen to country with #PeoplesVote
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All trafficked and unaccompanied children deserve an independent, legal guardian to help them access their rights.

With the #ModernSlaveryAct under review, it's time to make this happen. Looking at you, @sajidjavid #allchildren https://t.co/PrpygjioAp
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