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MP for Brighton Pavilion; Co-leader of the Green Party with @jon_bartley; Mum

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I am against the illegal persecution of uplands wildlife. The dark side of the Inglorious 12th must be stopped. https://t.co/aJZv6kioR7
Hope ⁦@jeremycorbyn⁩ is reading this closely.

The tide is turning across the country now reality of Brexit is becoming clear.

We owe it to future generations to fight for the right to a final say on the Brexit deal. #PeoplesVote https://t.co/pXVmpuvkxr
Good news! EU must urgently ban Roundup, & if UK Govt serious about safeguarding protections for health & environment after possible Brexit, it must commit to a ban now.

Huge vindication for campaigners & tells corporations they will be held accountable. https://t.co/6Y6qNRD4wM
New poll shows support for a #PeoplesVote continuing to grow as the only way out of the #Brexit chaos https://t.co/ZMF7aJSFIu
Lovely to meet you! - happy #Brightonpride 🙂
With the amazing @bhgreens making the case for Equality - that’s what Pride is all about!
With the amazing @bhgreens making the case for Equality - that’s what Pride is all about!
Rents in #Brighton & hav#Hovee risen 26% since 2011 while wages have increased by only 7% according to . We@Shelter need rent controls, a living rent commission & to take heat out of the market by increasing social housing supply. Oh – and to pay people better too!
The Tories' savage cuts have forced people to rely on food banks. No child should be going hungry in one of the richest countries on Earth. @TheGreenParty would take steps to introduce a universal basic income to end poverty and hunger in the UK. https://t.co/ac8CdcQm8g
The green veneer is peeling off @michaelgove. Such dismissive language around climate change is deeply irresponsible. He should be taking urgent action to end our reliance on fossil fuels & supporting farmers struggling through the heatwave #govewatchhttps://t.co/5GOKRpeeFL
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