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Die-hard @tigers @lions fan, #runner, and #CNN anchor. Watch me on @CNNnewsroom 9aET and 10aET. RT are not endorsements.

Latest Scoops

#URGENT - DOJ announces rule change to ban bumps stocks
OPINION NATION: The "March for Our Lives" is tomorrow. Think it will change your beliefs about gun laws in this country? Today I want to hear from you about our coverage of mass shootings. The big question: Would seeing the carnage change your mind about guns?
This is how I am digesting Anderson’s interview with Karen M and her alleged love affair with America’s President #thiscan’tbereal
#URGENT: Bolton says 'DO NOT CONGRATULATE' leak was 'unacceptable,' calls leaker a 'munchkin'
The Foxification of the Trump administration is nearing completion
#URGENT - McMaster out, Bolton will be new national security adviser
.@GloriaAllred declines to characterize Stormy Daniels as a "feminist hero." She says when it comes to women's claims about the POTUS, we must distinguish between consensual and non-consensual sexual activity.
#URGENT: President Trump, asked if he would still like to testify before Mueller, said “Yes. I would like to"
Time Magazine asks, "Can these kids really do it?"
Parkland school shooting survivors are on the cover of tomorrow's edition.
BREAKING: President Trump's lead lawyer in the Mueller probe--John Dowd--has resigned. Dowd tells CNN, "I love the president and wish him well."
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