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Sen Grassley: “Where I’m focused right now is doing everything we can to make Dr. Ford comfortable with coming before a committee, either before an open session or a closed session or a public or a private interview. That’s four different ways she can chose to come.”
#URGENT: Judiciary Committee spokesman denies report that committee asked Ford to share table with Kavanaugh at Monday hearing
#URGENT: Hatch responds to Ford's attorney: "The FBI does not do investigations like this. The responsibility falls to us."
#Urgent: Ford wants FBI investigation before testifying
#URGENT: SpaceX is sending Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa to space in first moon tourism mission
Both Kavanaugh and Ford will testify Monday
Sen Lisa Murkowski: “Despite the length of time since the alleged incident, Dr. Ford’s allegations should be heard and she must have an opportunity to present her story before the committee under oath, with Judge Kavanaugh having the opportunity to respond under oath as well.”
#URGENT: President Trump orders FISA documents, FBI texts declassified. Has to with “transparency” in the “Russia investigation”
#URGENT: Kavanaugh will talk by phone with Judiciary Committee Republican staff members at 5:30pm
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