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Latest Scoops

"Girl you're the one I want to want me. And if you want me, girl you got me" 😍@jasonderulo

#CapitalJBB https://t.co/RvM3MdvZ21
"I just wanna be part of your symphony, will you hold me tight and not let go?" 🌟@cleanbandit

#CapitalJBB https://t.co/TFmghscF0q
"I don't need introduction, follow my simple instruction" 😛@JaxJones

#CapitalJBB https://t.co/4ruAk61ygF
"I wanna sing, I wanna dance. I wanna feel love inside my hands again" 💖@JessGlynne

#CapitalJBB https://t.co/wA3s0oFDCs
Your eyes aren't playing a trick on you... @jasonderulo's opera voice is magnificent
😲 #CapitalJBB https://t.co/3KnoN6Cytj
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"I want you to ruin my life. You to ruin my life, you to ruin my life, yeah"
😍 @zaralarsson

#CapitalJBB https://t.co/YwkjZQ5qie
The chart icon @JessGlynne belted out 'Thursday' on a Sunday and it was everything 💓 #CapitalJBB https://t.co/3KnoN6Cytj
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“Thinking you could live without me. Live without me” 💜@halsey

#CapitalJBB https://t.co/i6MO1Qlbpe
Hey @Camila_Cabello... any chance you remember the moment you met @Mabel 😂 #CapitalJBB https://t.co/3KnoN6Cytj
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