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Latest Scoops

There are still a handful of tickets left to see the incredible @JessGlynne live - grab yours now! 😃👇 https://t.co/3NDp5NcK9X
There's a royal baby on the way! 😍👏https://t.co/dJiZBAGplg
Ahem... can we all take note over the fact that @scooterbraun has told @ArianaGrande fans that her new music is pure 🔥🔥 https://t.co/bQMFUpOgkV
So... @aimeevivian had some interesting questions on her Instagram 'ask-me-anything' session 🙈https://t.co/du34QSITuE
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Psst.. @zaralarsson. @itswillmanning . is very much looking forward to seeing you. When you see him, maybe just compliment his complexion a littlehttps://t.co/du34QSITuE? 🙈
YES. @itswillmanning & wil@aimeevivianl be chatting to thi@zaralarssons Friday ahead of the release of her new single . An#RuinMyLifey questions you want us to ask her 👀https://t.co/du34QSITuE
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Pete Davidson has deleted his Instagram account following his split from Ariana Grande https://t.co/kw30BADVNx
Ok @itswillmanning, @aimeevivian... we just need some nice photos to show that you're on Capital Breakfast this week... could you... just... oh... ok... https://t.co/du34QSITuE
Did you spot @edsheeran on #WomanLikeMe with @LittleMix? 🔊 https://t.co/YlvK3hJ77l
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