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The birthday post received a lot of backlash.

Who do you want to see take part in Strictly this year? ?

? @LiamPayne  already can't wait for #AfterWeFell  after girlfriend Maya made him watch #AfterWeCollidedMovie  ?️

There's only ? ???? left until the #BestofCapitalJBB  ?we can't for you to watch @ladygaga  do her thing ?

IT'S FRIDAY. THEN IT'S SATURDAY, SUNDAY, WHAT. ? We're serving pure party vibes with @Ritontime 's 'Friday' on Capital. ?

@mistajam 's managed to pull a few strings, and has invited actual @Ritontime  to do a guest mix on The Capital Weekender tonight! ???


If you're part of the @onedirection  fandom, @LiamPayne  has a special message for you on #1Dat10onCapital . ?

@LiamPayne  telling @romankemp  to do his @onedirection  impressions is what #1Dat10onCapital  dreams are made of. ✨

The way @LiamPayne  talks about @onedirection  as if it were yesterday. I just - #1Dat10onCapital 

Now Playing: 'History' - @onedirection  I aM cRyInG iN ThE lEaSt CoOl WaY!!!!!!!! ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? #1Dat10onCapital 

boys posting on instagram: ???????????????????????????????????? @zaynmalik  finally posting on instagram: ????????????????????????????????

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me to men: ☹️???☹️???☹️???☹️???☹️???☹️???☹️???☹️???☹️???☹️??? me to @LiamPayne 's #1Dat10onCapital  hair: ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????