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hmmm, regretting that 'duck duck goose' lyric now, lads? 😬😂 @YoungTandBugsey  #CapitalJBB 

me when my bff starts dating someone that's not good enough for them #CapitalJBB 

fancy a lil sneak peak into the artists route to stage? 👀 #CapitalJBB  (nb: @radiorobhoward  will not be headlining tonight's show)

He's still finding cockroaches in strange places, but our hero Roman Kemp is back on air this Thursday from 6am! 🐜

a zebra print DREEEEAM 😩 @AnneMarie  you're 2 much x #CapitalJBB 

not a cell phone in sight, just living in the moment ✌️ @AnneMarie  #CapitalJBB 

@ajtracey  roasting @hi_jimmy 's outfit choices is the quality content we all deserve. 👏😂 #CapitalJBB 

some of @AnneMarie 's old tweets are comedy GOLD 😂😂 a relatable queen, tbh. #CapitalJBB 


We've seen your support for . We've listened. The lads have now been added to & just #BestFans2018urned  up the heat on the competition! 😱🙌😱 #OneDirectionBestFans 

@NiallOfficial Happy St Patrick's Day! We made a video just for you.

CONGRATULATIONS TO... 💜💚❤️💙The boys & the make it #Directioners '>FOU #Directioners  years in a row as Capital's Best Fans. Truly deserved 🙌

CONFIRMED: @Harry_Styles  has signed on to play Prince Eric in Disney's The Little Mermaid live-action remake. 💯 Who's ready to see him in another loose-fitting white shirt?

Okay so the video for @JustinBieber 's #WhatDoYouMean  is looking like it could easily be the video of the year