Mike Thomas

Mike Thomas

Trying to stay focused something like Moses, like somebody chose us... #shhhh

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Change my number and never text we call it tunnel vision.

Y’all fell for that MAGA 💩 jokes on you now.

🤬 it time to start load management 🙂

I know where Brady really wants to play 😉

Raw emotion it’s only a few chosen 🙏🏾

Sean literally shut the whole city down ⚜️

Every year they try to go against us. Just remember it’s whatever with whoever everytime. ⚜️

Special shoutout to all the Doctors , nurses and healthcare workers who are sacrificing their time and effort. Keep encouraging others by showing your strength and faith in times like today. It eventually will become the difference 💪🏾❤️

When it hit the fan you get to find out who you are