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"We don't quit," says @tenfeetofwall  @KevinHarvick  told the No. 4 team to thank @ColeCuster  for the push @StewartHaasRcng  @IMS  #NASCAR 

"Do you think we'll have a full fuel run," @dennyhamlin  asks @CG1751  who replies, "Yes." Hamlin then follows up with, "Do you think we can (complete) an entire fuel run without blowing one (tire)." @JoeGibbsRacing  @IMS  #NASCAR  P3

"We're where we need to be, now's the time to take control," @CG1751  tells @dennyhamlin  @JoeGibbsRacing  @IMS  #NASCAR 

"How the F*** does stuff like that happen to us so much," asks @WilliamByron  "Our luck is awful." @TeamHendrick  @IMS  #NASCAR 

"The big whole in the hood might be a detriment, but we'll just keep working on it," says Chad Knaus. @WilliamByron  just laughs @TeamHendrick  @IMS  #NASCAR 

"How's your balance doing," @RodneyChilders4  asks @KevinHarvick  who replies, "Still too tight through the center." @StewartHaasRcng  @IMS  #NASCAR 

"I have a slight vibration, I don't know what it is," says @TylerReddick  Crew chief @RandallB14  tells him they're in their window @RCRracing  @IMS  #NASCAR 

"All that straightaway speed will die, once it does, take care of that right front," @CG1751  tells @dennyhamlin  @IMS  #NASCAR 

"I hope he's alright," says @KevinHarvick  who had a front row seat for @dennyhamlin  's wreck. The No. 11 @JoeGibbsRacing  team asks driver if he's alright. He answers a faint "yeah". @IMS  #NASCAR 


"I'm going to shove that silver spoon he's been fed off all his life up his ass," says @AlexBowman88  #NASCAR 

"it's dangerous as hell," says @DaleJr  "Slow down and get out of the way, that was intentional. That shouldn't happened."

"This race reminds me of when I tried to fly a remote control helicopter the first time," says @DaleJr  "I didn't know WTF was going on."

@DaleJr  led the field with 143 green flag passes before finishing P11 #NASCAR 

"I just want to get to 40 (wins)," said @mattkenseth  "So I could tie my hero @markmartin ." #NASCAR  #OneShort 

. : “They’ve taken away a lot from the drivers by lowering the horsepower...So we don’t have any throttle response with the way the cars sit. I think it puts more on the vehicle itself and you really rely on the speed that the car has." #NASCAR 

Daytona 500 winner Kurt Busch out at Stewart-Haas Racing via @motorsport  #NASCAR 

@BubbaWallace  was running 22nd when he yelled, "No brakes, oh $hit." #NASCAR