thinking of those who lost their loved ones on this day 16 years ago.... #neverforget 

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So amazing to see #StackItUp  trending thank you so much I love this song I really hope you guys do too 😎😎😎 thanks for listening

@rnlovesos  @sierradeaton  I see stuff like this too often. It makes me sad women make other women feel like they’re not good enough. The same people that talk about kindness & being PC say awful things to someone I care about every day. I know this isn’t everyone but I see it a lot & had to say something.

A little bit of green to take away your blues 🙃 Came across this pleasant sight of an auto-rickshaw covered with plants on the way to shoot today. Extremely proud of him and his efforts to go green in his own little way. #GreenWorld 

I’ve been lucky enough to celebrate my 27th birthday over the past couple of days with family, friends, and fans in Chicago and St. Paul.

The relationship between brothers Nick and Aaron Carter has been rocky over the past few years, but the drama seems to have escalated

Guinness World Record. Just watch the timing while they jump. It’s amazing to watch..

Signed to the streets 3 OR love songs 4 the streets 2

My beautiful wife surprised me with a touch football game with some of my closest friends and family on the one and only Soldier Field in Chicago (!!!) followed by a few hours of Topgolf, and then a party where pizza, tequila, cake, and cigars were involved.